Phillies Cruise – Going Home

*Sigh!*  Sad to report that we are all on our way home….some quicker than others.  I will be sitting on the floor of this airport for many, many hours before heading back to Philly.  So, while I am here I thought I would give you all an update on the last few days of the cruise.

We had the autograph session yesterday where everyone participated, even Scott Palmer :O)  Shane looked like he was not feeling well and later, missed the final cocktail party as a result.  He was at dinner so I assume he is doing fine.  Anyway, I got a few World Series balls signed and a whole bunch of my pictures to add to my collection (I have a whole binder full of 5×7 shots that I took and later got them signed).  DSCF0625 Andersen.jpgWe had some very old Halloween masks of Larry Andersen’s face with us which was a promotion way back in 1985 at a game.  I had Larry sign a few of them and then gave him 2 to keep.  Also gave away a few others to some new friends we met on-board.  Everyone got a big kick out of them; Shane even tried one on.  Here is a photo of Larry holding what he called his “twin.”

Later, at the farewell cocktail party, I had a very nice, long conversation with JC Romero’s wife (hi Erin!).  She is just one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.  I told her about my horror at how MLB handled the steroid allegations and she spoke to me about that for a while.  Without revealing too many details, I can say that she and JC feel they have nothing to hide and she even said JC was hoping someone would have asked him about it at the Q&A so he could respond.  We both agreed that she & I were mostly of the opposite mind – I was really hoping no one bothered him about it :O)  But Erin was gracious in speaking with me and I will hold that confidence.  So sorry, no BIG scoop here except to say that JC has done nothing wrong (which I knew anyway).  There is currently a website HERE that gives the detail of the suspension and why it should be lifted.  PLEASE visit the site and sign the petition!  Once you read it, you will see that JC asked permission to take the supplement and was told by both his trainer and MLBPA (players association) that it was ok to take.  They had NO right to do this to him.  Please let your voice be heard!!  Here is one more I found…Petition for JC.  Sign both!

So later at dinner, Larry went around to ALL the tables with Phillies fans and took photos of the people at each table.  I guess he is making a scrapbook of us all…how cute!  And all the fans cheered again at the end of dinner, “Let’s Go Phillies!”  Lots of fun :O)

Well, as promised more photos and video to follow!  I will get to work as soon as I get home.  Feel free to e-mail me anytime or comment below.  Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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