Phillies Cruise – Victorino Meets a Ray He Can’t Beat

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Still floating around the Caribbean with the Phillies; I am pleased to report that JC Romero seems to be unaffected by the breaking news of his alleged steroid use while on-board.  He was wonderful and entertaining during all of the events yesterday.  He even sang to me about the joys of taking pictures during the photo session :O)  JC was gracious in answering questions at the Q&A and I must say, Phillies fans have restored my faith in humanity.  Not one person asked him about the scandal.  I think everyone in the room breathed a collective sigh of relief when the session ended and everyone was in a good mood.  JC later joked around at the cocktail party and signed some autographs.  Shane Victorino gave a wonderful speech about what a great cruise he was having and thanked everyone attending for making it a fun trip.

Victorino also told a story about his frightening encounter with a ray.  Not a Tampa Bay Ray, but an actual sting ray.  I also spoke to a few other people on the same trip and they all relived the horror with me.  As Shane’s group was entering the water, they watched in shock as a man was carried off, leg bleeding heavily, due to a sting ray barb.  Not sure if this made headlines or not, but we were on Grand Cayman Island.  Sources report that Shane turned around and immediately got out of the water.  It sounds like the guy must have stepped on a sleeping ray.  I swam with rays a few days ago in the Bahamas and had no issues so this was surprising.  JC said he was not even going to attempt such an excursion because “they are called sting rays, not ‘come pet me’ rays.”  :O)

I took video of the whole Q&A session yesterday which included all players and Tom, the friend of the Phanatic.  I will post that also when I return.  I also talked to Tom later and asked what he used to do before he was the Phanatic’s “friend.”  He said he was in computer parts sales…not really his cup of tea, as he noted.  Tom is a cutie.  P1080649 Phanatic.jpgHere is a photo of him and Larry Andersen waving their “rally towels” (napkins) at dinner last night:  during the waiters’ parade of the Baked Alaska presentation, all the Phillies fans began chanting, “Let’s Go Phillies!” and waving their napkins around.  It was a testament to the spirit of Phillies fans everywhere.

So now we’re in Mexico…no, I did not drink the water :O)  I did drive an ATV to the Mayan ruins and watched some strange guy tip his vehicle over and bust his leg.  Never a dull moment. 

Also, I’d like to say hi to Matthew & Jody….met them yesterday.  Matthew is the Aaron Rowand look-alike I have mentioned, but apparently I am the only one who thinks so :O)  He says no one else mentioned it.  Perhaps I am just still in denial over him leaving for the Giants last year?  Nah!  He really does look like him :O)  See for yourself…

So the autograph session (the official one, anyway) is tomorrow and then back home on Sunday.  Hope you are all enjoying the reports and are taken aback with awe and wonderment that I would actually take the time to do this while on vacation :O)  Ha, ha!  Really, just shows you have no life.  Maybe someday… :O)


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