Phillies Cruise On-Board Update

Hey everyone!  I am on board the ms Westerdam with Shane Victorino, JC Romero, Larry Andersen, Greg Luzinski, Scott Palmer and the Phanatic!.  We are currently docked in the Bahamas :O)  It’s only Day 2 and a LOT has happened so far!  Here we go:

I took pictures with everyone but Shane yesterday at the welcome party, but I did get a photo with his wife :O)  Or fiancée?  Not sure if they tied the knot yet.  Anyway, I had better things to do with Shane…tell ya that shortly.  LA was drinking and then jokingly telling people he quit drinking (yeah, since the last time he sat his glass down).  He asked me after we took a photo if it was ok that he was holding a glass of champagne in the photo…hee!  I assured him I’d have had one also but I ran out.  He quickly found the nearest waiter and pointed at him to fill me up :O)  LA is awesome.  The Bull (Luzinski), JC & Erin Romero, Shane & Melissa and the Phanatic all cruised the room and talked to the fans.

During the intros by Palmer, Shane decided to call Charlie Manuel and have us all wish him a happy birthday.  So, he held his phone up and everyone sang to Charlie.  I have that on video and will post it when I return…very cute!

The highlight of my evening though was hanging out with Shane.  I had spent some time talking to his wife earlier (she is very nice!) and ran into them again at the elevator on the way to dinner.  I rode the elevator with Shane, Melissa, a AAA agent and then inadvertently wound up spending the next 20 minutes walking the ship with them.  We just got to chatting and they seemed happy with  me hanging out as I was not asking for autographs or photos (thus, no photo w/Shane yet…this was way more fun though).

Anyway, we talked about the regulations for flying out of Hawaii, the ship, shopping, etc…  Shane told me this was his first cruise and his wife said he was a bit worried about the motion.  He was happy though that he had not really felt the boat moving.  That was too cute :O)  I told him about a cruise I took to Bermuda where we hit a storm and his eyes got real big.  He said, “No, no don’t tell me that…please, no storms.”  We all had a nice laugh over that.

Then we walked though the gift shop and talked about all the stuff we wanted to buy.  I told his wife I had better not spend much time in there as I was a bit tipsy and might spend too much.  She said, “Well, that’s the problem with him (Shane), he’s not doing that (drinking).”  I told her that was probably a good thing but she then said it wasn’t because he would not be in the mood to shop for her!  Ha!  Shane then told me to feel free to spend my husbands’ money :O)

Next, the AAA lady guided us to a map of the world were the ship’s location was labeled in red lights.  I told Shane it was the “You are here” map and he laughed.  We checked out the map and moved on to the photo area.  The ship people take a photo of you and your significant other / kids / whoever when you board and Shane wanted to buy their photo.  They are all posted on these huge wall-like stand-ups and I helped him & Melissa look for their photo.  We found mine and all agreed it was awful :O)  I was looking off in the distance instead of at the camera!  Not like I really needed one more photo of myself though, ya know?

We all then went into the dining room and Shane was seated only 3 tables away from us with JC and the rest of the crew, so that was nice also.  Today, I saw him on the beach in the Bahamas and he waved and said hello.  So, that is the end of my Victorino adventure!  Do you hate me yet?  Hee!  Anyway, here are some photos from the 2 days so far.  Descriptions are from left to right, top to bottom:

1-Shane smiling and the party, 2- Shane walking by on the beach with a friend, 3- The Phanatic serving hors’dourves, 4- JC and Erin Romero, 5 -Waiting by the elevator with Shane, 6- The Bull chatting at the bar, 7- LA announces the Eagles game score, 8- Is former Phillie Aaron Rowand on this cruise???!!  Damn…no such luck.  But this guy really looks like him!, 9- Shane, Melissa and Scott Palmer, 10- Me, Melissa, AAA lady and Shane checking out the map.Phillies Cruise 09.jpg

Ok, that’s all for now!  I am limited on internet time here so if you have sent me e-mail or comments recently and I did not or do not get back to you right away, I promise I will do so when I return.  I will post more updates as well as soon as I can.  Stay tuned!

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  1. brianna Cerione

    You are so lucky! all together about how much did the trip cost per person, including the hidden fees and everything?

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