Best Moments of the 2008 World Champs!

In chronological order, here are my Best Moments of the 2008 season for our World Champion Philadelphia Phillies:

·         April 17 – 21:  Chase Utley goes on his first of two 5 game home run hitting streaks, hitting 6 homers in 5 games and earning the National League’s Player of the Month Award for April.

·         Jayson Werth hits 3 home runs in one game on 5/16/08 vs. Toronto, tying a Phillies record with a career-high 8 RBI in one game.

·         Phillies score 35 total runs between two games from 5/25-5/26.  They beat the Astros 15-6 and then followed it up with a win over the Rockies by a score of 20-5.

·         5/28 – 6/2:  Chase Utley goes on another 5 game home run hitting streak and he also hits 7 homers total in 8 games (5/25-6/2).  Utley won the National League Player of the Week Award during this run.

·         Phillies send 2 players to the All-Star Game in mid-July:  Chase Utley and Brad Lidge.

·         After a bad start to the season, Brett Myers returns from a voluntary stint in the minor leagues on 7/23/08.  He goes 8-4 with a 3.06 ERA for the rest of the regular season after getting off to a 3-9 start with a 5.84 ERA.

·         Greg Dobbs sets the all-time Phillies single season pinch hit record on 7/26/08 with 21 total pinch hits.  The last person to do it was Doc Miller in 1913, almost a century ago.

·         After being swept by the LA Dodgers in a four game series in early August, the Phillies come back and return the favor later that month.  They sweep the Dodgers in their four game series at home in Philly.

·         Phillies Complete a Road Season Series Sweep of the Braves in Atlanta on 9/18/08.

·         Phillies win the NL East, ending the game on an amazing double play to preserve the save for Brad Lidge.  Jimmy Rollins makes a diving grab for the ball, flips to Chase Utley and then Utley completes the throw to Ryan Howard at first base to end the game.

·         Ryan Howard becomes the first Phillie ever with 3 consecutive 40 home run seasons.  Howard is also now the 3rd player ever for the Phillies to have at least 120 RBI’s in one season; the last time it happened was 1933.

·         Shane Victorino hit the first Grand Slam in Phillies post-season history during Game 2 of the NLDS on 10/2/08 against CC Sabathia of the Brewers.

·         Brett Myers’ batting performance in the same game, Game 2 of the NLDS, against CC Sabathia of the Brewers – Myers went 1 for 2 and also had a key 9-pitch walk in the 2nd inning to help set up the Victorino Grand Slam.

·         10/15/08:  Phillies beat the LA Dodgers 4 games to 1 in the NLCS behind the rocket arm of series MVP, Cole Hamels.  They clinch their 6th opportunity ever in franchise history to compete in the World Series.

·         Jamie Moyer pitches Game 3 of the World Series on 10/25/08 while sick with the stomach flu.  His wife says he was up all night getting sick and sweating through a fever.  Despite this, he pitches 6 1/3 innings of 3 run ball.  The Phillies go on to win the game.

·         Brad Lidge gets the final out, striking out Eric Hinske of the Rays, to clinch the 2008 World Championship!  He goes 48 for 48 in save opportunities this year.  And all this came after injuring his knee on the very first pitch he threw in Spring Training. Lidge comes back from surgery and has the perfect season.

·         And my #1 moment:  Phillies win the World Series and become “World F*#@ Champions!”  Well spoken, Mr. Utley. J

So that’s a wrap!  Please add any of your favorite moments in the comments section below to share with everyone.  Phillies are World Champions!!!!!!!!!!  Celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!!

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