Utley Drops Another Bomb

During his World Series Parade speech today, Chase Utley, in an obvious attempt to prove that he is SO not dull, dropped the F-Bomb on the screaming crowd.  He uttered the words “World Champions!” and then followed it up with a smile and a louder utterance of “World F*@&* Champions!”  Personally, I found it to be hysterical.  For a man who never speaks, he sure knows how to get attention when he finally does open his mouth.  Here is a clip of the speech:

So, what do you all think?  This did seem to be a flashback to the All-Star Home Run Derby intro this year when Utley dropped the first F-Bomb of 2008:  After being introduced, he was booed by the New York fans; he turned to Dan Uggla next to him and said, “Boo?  F*&@ You!”  He later apologized saying he did not realize his microphone was on and it was meant as a joke just for Uggla to hear.  ESPN also apologized for allowing it to air unedited.

I was shopping today for Phillies World Series stuff and this incident was the talk of the town.  A guy ringing up my order at Modell’s even asked me arbitrarily if I was offended by Utley’s behavior.  He also said Utley had been drinking and asked what I thought of that.  I told him that as long as Utley was not carrying around a small child, or getting behind the wheel of a car, I really didn’t care what he did or said.  He has earned the right to party!  As for the TV thing, it is unfortunate that, despite his intentions to be funny or cynical towards the NY fans, he may just come across to some fans as a total bonehead.  Especially for those who did have children watching and now have to explain to their kids that they cannot repeat those words.  But frankly, in this society, what parent hasn’t slipped up in front of their kids anyway?  Not too many I am betting.

So it is estimated that somewhere between 1 and 2.5 million fans attended the parade today; Nothing like leaving it WIDE open to interpretation.  The crowd was reportedly so loud that Cole Hamels remarked, “I’ll be surprised if any of them have a voice left.”  He had a blast, as did Shane Victorino, who tossed Phillies “P” shaped soft-pretzels out to the crowd.  Jayson Werth sported a GIANT hulk-like Phillies red fisted glove and Charlie Manuel was shocked by the turn-out.  He said, “I think today told the magnitude of how much people wanted to win.  I never believed I’d see that many fans.”  Well, believe it.

**My favorite sign of the day: “Mets fans are working today.”**

Today is Halloween, which I think was forgotten by many as a result of the day’s activities.  But no matter, they were all wearing costumes anyway; they showed up to the parade as Phillies fans.  And we will all be wearing that costume everyday for the rest of our lives.

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