World Series Champions At Last!

For the first time in my life, I am at a loss for words…well, almost J  The Phillies are World Champions!!!  I am so happy, I could do cartwheels…except the hospital bill would be terrible.  So, cartwheels aside I will stick to the 2 footed approach and just scream out my front door to alert the neighbors…The Phillies win the World Series!

Charlie Manuel was asked right after the game what his late mother would say to him right now if she were still with us.  Manuel said, “I think that she would be very happy…she’d be laughing and giggling”  My late mother would probably tell me, “Gee, that’s nice honey…now how much money are going to spend on hats & t-shirts?”  Even from the afterlife, she is just no fun J  Throw caution, and the crappy economy, to the wind people!  Go out, get your hats and be merry J

Cole Hamels got the MVP Award and a Camaro, which will wind up being a birthday gift for his wife, whose 30th birthday is today!  Picking the MVP was a difficult task in this series; this was a real team effort without one single player obviously standing out.  Cole, getting the 2 starts, saw the most action, so I guess he was a good choice.  But it very well could have gone to Brad Lidge, Carlos Ruiz, Ryan Howard, etc…  They ALL contributed and played together as a unit to beat the Tampa Bay Rays, 4 games to 1 in this series.  And Lidge ends the perfect season with the perfect, storybook ending, getting out of the 9th inning scoreless to clinch the World Series title at home, in Philadelphia.

So as the Philadelphia natives go wild in the streets, I hope you are doing some celebrating of your own!  Congratulations to the 2008 Philadelphia Phillies!  Enjoy this – I know we all will too J

For more coverage, visit me at MY NEW HOME PAGE!  Phillies Phollowers has a new homepage and a new name: Phightin’ Phils Phorum! We have moved. Please check out our new site and bookmark it.

And for the football fans, I have also started a Miami Dolphins page, The Dolphin Pod!  All Dol-Fans, and anyone else who wants to say hello is welcome!

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