Phillies Lead The Series 2-1

Fans waited through an hour and a half rain delay before Game 3 of the World Series began.  And it was worth the wait.  It took until nearly 2:00am Sunday morning to finish it off, but the Phillies came out with the win to go ahead in the series, 2-1.  I did predict that the weather would be a factor in this game for the Rays and it was – the delay kept all of the youngsters on the Rays team up WAY past their bedtime! J

P8207990 Moyer.jpgJamie Moyer, who is old enough to stay up late, got the job done tonight, not only with his pitching, but his fielding as well.  Too bad the 1st base umpire decided not to count the play.  In the 7th inning, Moyer dove on the ground to scoop up a bunt by Carl Crawford, he shuffled the ball to Ryan Howard with his glove and Howard caught the ball bear-handed.  The replay showed Crawford was out by a whole step, and yet the umpire called him safe.  The next batter hit a double, giving the Rays runners on 2nd and 3rd with no outs, instead of a man on 2nd with one out.  BIG difference; a couple of ground balls later, and the Rays had 2 runs in.  Crawford never should have scored.  I am SO disgusted by the umpiring in this series.  In Game 2, the home plate ump screwed up TWO calls…I won’t even get into the wacky hand motion on the wall he gave to Baldelli, but when Jimmy Rollins had a pitch hit his uniform (watch the replay), he did NOT give Rollins the base and he wound up popping out.  Now, would Jimmy have scored if that did not happen?  Who knows.  But the extra run today was clearly the fault of the 1st base ump.  When is MLB going to make these umpires accountable for their mistakes?  Sure, I understand human error; but calls that are blatantly missed and change the score of the game, like this one today, should never happen.  It is truly disgusting.

Many people were worried about Jamie Moyer going into the game tonight, as his last 2 outings were not good.  I wasn’t worried; Jamie has been waiting his entire career for this day and he was not going to blow it.  And the young Rays hitters like to swing, which works to Moyer’s favor.  He wound up pitching 6 1/3 innings, giving up 3 earned runs on 5 hits and one walk; he also struck out 5 batters.  Chad Durbin and Scott Eyre combined to close out the 7th inning and Ryan Madson took the 8th.  Madson gave up an infield single to BJ Upton and then for some reason, the Phillies decided not to pay any attention to him being on base.  He stole 2nd base without any attempt to throw him out and then he stole 3rd as no one was watching.  Carlos Ruiz committed a throwing error on the steal, the ball got away from Pedro Feliz and Upton scored to tie the game 4-4.

The Phillies offense looked a bit sleepy again and they missed a huge opportunity in the 1st inning.  With Jayson Werth on 3rd and only one out, Ryan Howard struck out and Pat Burrell flied to center.  They did get one run in the inning, but should have had at least one more if Howard could have just made contact.  He did hit a home run in the 6th inning, as he and Chase Utley went back-to-back.  Then with the game tied in the 8th, they blew another opportunity to score.  Werth walked and stole 2nd base; only a few pitches later, he got picked off and then Utley proceeded to strike out.  Howard did the same and ended the inning. In the ninth inning, JC Romero who pitched part of the 8th, remained in to pitch.  Usually in a tie game in the 9th, the home team will put in their closer (Lidge), assuming they expect their offense to score in the bottom of the 9th.  Charlie Manuel did not do this, which shows a real lack of confidence in his hitters.

So with the game still tied, the bottom of the 9th wound up being a wild one:  Eric Bruntlett got hit by a pitch; with Shane Victorino up, Bruntlett went to 2nd on a wild pitch and then advanced to 3rd when the throw to 2nd flew right on by the infield.  The Rays then intentionally walked both Victorino and Greg Dobbs to bring up Carlos Ruiz with the bases loaded and no outs.  Ruiz hit a short grounder to Evan Longoria who could not make the play to home – Bruntlett scored!  Game over – Phillies win 5-4.  Whew!

Well, I am going to attempt to get some sleep now so I will be awake to drive to the game tomorrow J  if you are going, I’ll see ya there!  Go Phillies!

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