The Voodoo Returns…

In light of the Phillies recent loss to the Tampa Bay Rays and the terrible absence of offense for the Phils, I have decided to take drastic measures.  Yes, I have dusted off old J-Roll Smurf and he is back to doing what he does best:  Voodoo magic on the opponent.  
PA250170 Smurfs.jpg
But this time, his has a partner in crime.  Chutley Smurf, although smaller in stature than J-Roll Smurf, carries a bat that is proportionately larger to his body size than that of J-Roll Smurf. 
J  He is a pint-sized warrior!  And so together, these Phillies-lovin’ Smurfs will conquer the enemy – The Rays.  This is the World Series: this is no time for the meek.  Crush those squirmy fish!

J-Roll Smurf (Rollins) is batting only .191 so far in the post-season with just 2 RBI.  Not too Smurfy so far…  It is our hope that he will break out of this slump tonight in front of the friendly, Smurf-Lovin’ crowd.  Chutley Smurf (Chase Utley), on the other side of 2nd base, has done slightly better, but certainly not what anyone expected.  He has 7 RBI, is batting .250 and has hit 2 home runs.  Clearly, both players are in need of an injection of Magical Smurf Juice to get them kick-stated in the right direction.  I think the home crowd will be just what the doctor ordered.

The Rays, while they are undersea creatures, are not used to stormy weather and they are sure in for some this weekend.  The pampered players from Tampa Bay will certainly miss the climate and weather controlled deep-sea environment of the Dome they normally play in.  Look for the weather to play a part in the games tonight and maybe Sunday.

In the event of a rain-out tonight, all games will be pushed back one full day.  Therefore Game 3 would be Sunday night, Game 4 on Monday night and Game 5 on Tuesday, which was originally a travel day.  But so far, it is game on!  I will be there tomorrow night if the rain holds up with Chutley Smurf in tow, attached to my backpack.  J-Roll Smurf gets a much needed day off as he has outgrown my backpack. J  If you see me wandering around, please say hello or toss Chutley Smurf a ball!  And stay tuned for more World Series Smurf adventures, coming your way soon!  And for those reading who are wondering if I have gone off my meds, then you may be in need of a humor injection.  Go find yourself a stuffed toy and give it a great big hug!  I promise you will feel much better J  Go Phillies!

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