Victorino Mania!

Phillies fans everywhere are going CRAZY for Shane Victorino!  It seems we just can’t get enough of this tiny Hawaiian.  And why not?  His post-season stats thus far have earned him the recognition.  Shane is batting .281 with an On Base Percentage of .625%; he has 3 stolen bases, he has a team-high 11 RBI, and 2 home runs.  He hits in clutch situations and always does it with a smile!  You can see where he gets that famous smile – here is a photo 
DSCF6254 Victorino's parents.jpg I took of his parents last year while we watched Shane take batting practice from inside the Diamond Club at CBP.  His dad told me some fun stories about Shane as a child.  It was easy to see how proud they were of their son and how much they love him.

Everyone else loves him too… Just yesterday, Shane was signing autographs at the ShopRite of Marlton and, according to my source, the line to meet him was wrapped around the 
P9212989 Victorino.jpg building twice, continued down the street, and wrapped around a nearby Dunkin’ Donuts.  To stand in a line that long to get one autograph – now that’s love.

And Shane has certainly been feeling the love lately.  He received an outpouring of sympathy recently when his grandmother, Irene, passed away on Oct. 10 after Game 2 of the NLCS; Victorino went 2-5 with four RBIs that day and made an AMAZING catch in centerfield, which he credits to his Grandmother watching over him.  Fans and readers of his Post-Season blog left him beautiful messages of condolences and some even shared their own experiences of grief with Shane.  He is just so approachable, you can not help but feel like he’s a friend to all.

The city of Philadelphia is certainly smitten with Victorino as well.  A local sports store even had t-shirts made up specifically for Victorino fans.  The front says “Phillies” which is surrounded by a colorful flower lei design, and the back has the #8 and says “Flyin’ Hawaiian” above the number.  There were so many shirts in one store, that they were piled 3 feet high on table tops.  And the store was so crowded with people grabbing them up that you could not walk from one side of the table to the other.  It was a claustrophobic nightmare!  But, many were willing to endure to get their hands on the merchandise.

Shane is one of the nicest and most easily accessible Phillies on this team.  He loves the fans and goes out of his way to sign autographs whenever he can.  He has even dedicated an entire week to the fans – This coming January, Shane, along with JC Romero, Larry Andersen, Greg Luzinski and the Phanatic, will all be joining fans on a week-long Caribbean cruise designed for Phillies Phanatics!  You do know I will SO be there. I would have mortgaged my house, if I had to! J  Luckily, that was not necessary.  Although, I may have to donate some of my organs to science.  Who needs 2 kidney’s anyway?  And the brain?  Well, I am really not using it much… J

Best of luck to Shane in the World Series!  We will ALL be watching J


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