Bad Behavior – Phillies Lose Game 3

Jamie Moyer lasted only 1 1/3 innings and surrendered 6 earned runs on 6 hits, one of which was a solo home run.  Moyer clearly did not have it tonight and the Dodgers looked confident against him, which did not help.  Clay Condrey was brought in to finish the 2nd inning and did so without allowing another run.  After that, JA Happ was called on to give the Phillies some innings.  Happ went 3 innings and allowed one run.  The bullpen handled the rest and did not surrender a run, but the offense could not catch up and the Phils went down 7-2.

Things got really interesting in the 3rd inning when the Dodgers pitcher, Hiroki Kuroda, threw a pitch right at Shane Victorino’s 
PA024924 Victorino.jpg head.  Luckily, he missed and warnings were issued, but Shane was really upset.  He began yelling at the pitcher, the catcher and everyone on the Dodgers bench to throw at his ribs and not at his head.  And who can blame him.  The benches cleared and Manny Ramirez tried to go after JC Romero, but was held back by his teammates.  All this seems to be a carry-over from Friday when Brett Myers threw a ball behind Ramirez.  He said the ball slipped and because of how far off target he was and how wild Myers is to begin with, it’s believable.  And earlier tonight, Moyer hit Russell Martin on the knee and in his next at bat, Condrey got too close for his taste as a pitch sailed under his chin.  First of all, Moyer does NOT hit people on purpose.  He was just trying to go inside, same as Condrey was.  Perhaps the Phillies feel Martin can’t hit the inside pitch?  And what made it all even more amusing was that Chad Durbin also wound up hitting Martin in the 7th trying to go in on him.  The umpire saw that it was a breaking ball and therefore, not intentional, so he did not eject Durbin. But the Dodgers, it seems, prefer to take it all personally and act like children, instead of like adults.  You get pitched inside – that’s baseball.  Get over it.

The Phillies threatened to rally in the 7th with three hits in a row from Chase Utley, Ryan Howard and Pat Burrell, which scored one run with no outs.  But, with 2 men still on base, Jayson Werth struck out, Pedro Feliz flew out to center and Greg Dobbs hit a ball right up the middle, which is usually a hit, but the short stop was playing near the bag and threw Dobbs out to end the inning.  After that, the Phils offense just fizzled.  Maybe they were a bit star-struck, playing in LA.  Tiger Woods, Henry Winkler, Matt Dillon, Pat Sajak, Jon Lovitz, Danny DeVito and Ryan Seacrest were all amongst the attendees at tonight’s game.  I know Ryan Seacrest makes me nervous; I believe that, in secret, he is an evil overlord who can suck the life force out of any human being.  Just look at how he has hypnotized thousands of TV-addicted teens!  And tonight, he sucked the life right out of the Phillies.  It’s a tragedy of grand proportions.

Luckily, the Phillies are still ahead in the series, 2-1.  If Joe Blanton can pitch again like he did in his last outing, and if we can keep Seacrest out of the stadium, I think the Phils stand a good chance at taking Game 4.  Game time is 8:22pm tomorrow.  Seacrest, OUT. (literally) J 

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