Playoff Starters Set

The starting pitchers for the first 3 playoff games will be Cole Hamels, Brett Myers and Jamie Moyer, in that order.  Tomorrows’ game time is 3:00pm in Philly; Thursday, 10/2 will be at 6pm, also in Philly and Saturday, 10/4 is at 6:30pm in Milwaukee.  If necessary, game 4 will be on Sunday, 10/5 in Milwaukee and game 5 would be Tuesday, 10/7 back in Philly.  And in other news, Ryan Howard has been named Player of the Month for September.  No surprise there…he was dominant all month.  Howard hit .352 and had 11 homers; this is his 3rd Player of the Month honor.  Congrats to Ryan!

P4208362 Hamels.jpgAs for tomorrow, I imagine Hamels will give us a quality start.  It seems his only goal in life is to win awards; oh, and occasionally annoy the media with his whining.  So, this is exactly the set-up he has been waiting for.  No worries about Moyer, which leaves the only question mark being Myers.  He was fantastic when he came back from the minors, but his last 2 starts have been horrendous.  He gave up 14 runs combined in those 2 games in only 8 1/3 innings combined.  Hopefully, the extra rest this week will get him back in top shape to get the job done.  He has to face Cy Young candidate, CC Sabathia on Thursday so the Phillies really need the Brett Myers of 3 games ago to show up.  Incidentally, 3 games ago was a complete game, 2 hitter against the very same team – The Brewers.  Now THAT is what we need to see.

The Brewers added fuel to the Phillies fire yesterday during their playoff rally when one teammate yelled out to the crowd, “We’re gonna go to Philadelphia and kick some butt!”  Even Jimmy Rollins is not bold enough to make such comments, and we all know how he loves to create a controversy.

Speaking of rallies, before tomorrow’s game, there will be a Phillies rally (originally scheduled for today) at 12pm on Citizens Bank Way, which is the west side of the ballpark.  I will be there and also at the game to bring you coverage from the first 2008 Phillies playoff game!  Go Phillies!

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