Phillies Win The NL East In Dramatic Fashion!

Phillies win!  Yippee!  For the second year in a row, the Phillies have won the National League East Division title.  And the champagne has been uncorked…

Here’s how it all played out:  A pitching duel broke out in Philly this afternoon with Jamie Moyer on the mound for the Phils and John Lannan for the Nats.  You may remember Lannan as the pitcher who broke Chase Utley’s hand last year. Moyer won the battle, surrendering only 1 earned run and 6 hits in 6 innings.  He was amazing!  And as he did last year, Moyer pitched the Phillies straight to the NL East Division title; only this time, he did it on the second to last game of the regular season, instead of the very last.  Fine by me, as I will have a much more relaxing experience at tomorrow’s game J

The top five in the line-up for the Phillies had one hit each today, with Jayson Werth and Pat Burrell collecting one RBI a piece.  Werth, Utley and Ryan Howard each scored a run and Shane Victorino went 3 for 4 and also scored a run.  Shane was also very active in centerfield and in the 8th, he collided shin to shin with Jimmy Rollins while sliding to try to catch a fly ball.  Rollins came away with the catch and Victorino lay on the ground in obvious pain for what seemed like an eternity.  However, Victorino did eventually get up and walk it off.  By game end, he appeared to be fine and even belted a 2-out single, then scored all the way from 1st on a Pedro Feliz double in the bottom of the 8th to give Brad Lidge some breathing room.  And as it turned out, he needed it.

The score stood at 4-2 going into the 9th as Lidge came in for the save.  He struck out the 1st batter, but then gave up a single to the 2nd batter and walked the 3rd.  Anderson Hernandez stepped to the plate next and dropped a looping single over the head of Utley, which scored a run.  The fans by now were just sick to their stomachs as the lead was cut down to one run.  With runners on 1st and 2nd and 1 out, the Nats only All-Star player, Cristian Guzman comes up to bat and hits a single up the middle!  OMG!  Now the bases are loaded for Ryan Zimmerman, who is probably their 2nd best player.  Are you totally freaking out yet at this point?  I know I was…  But it’s ok…Zimmerman grounded into a double play as Rollins made a great diving grab; game over, the Phillies win the National League East!!

After the game, Tom McCarthy spoke to Chase Utley about how tense the 9th inning was.  Utley’s response was, “Nobody ever said it was going to be easy.”  He said a mouthful.  But I think after getting blown out in the playoffs last year, this year the Phils will be better prepared.  The celebration after the game was lively, but a bit more reserved than last year as, many of these guys remember the disappointment of the 2007 playoffs.  They appear to be much more focused and hopefully, this attitude will pay off.

Of course, one more game to play!  It will not matter if they win or lose, so probably a lot of players will get rest tomorrow as JA Happ gets the start.  It will be fun to see the “aftermath” though of today’s celebration.  We shall see who partied the hardest… J  In the meantime, take a break and enjoy the moment!

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