Time To Press The Panic Button?

What a disaster tonight as the Phillies lose again to the Braves, 10-4.  They had a 3-2 lead going into the 5th inning, but then a combination of bad pitching, bad defense and clutch hitting by the Braves had them up 9-3 by the end of the inning.  Brett Myers was taken out of the 5th after surrendering 1 run and left 2 men on base for Chad Durbin to deal with.  Durbin attempted to do his job, but was usurped by another Ryan Howard error…as he threw the ball, instead of getting an out, he hit the runner with the ball!  Another run scored on that play.  Durbin struck out the next batter and then gave up a single to Brandon Jones.  Scott Eyre took over and immediately gave up a 3 run homer to Chipper Jones with 2 outs in the inning.  That was the killer.  6 runs in one inning for the Braves; Myers was tagged for 4 runs in the game; Eyre got 1 and the other was unearned due to the error.  Truly disgusting.  I think I am going to throw up L

P9213492 Howard.jpgHowards’ defense continues to kill this team.  Here’s an idea; how about we subtract an RBI from his stats for every error he commits that leads to a run for the opposition?  Take away the hit too to hurt his batting average.  Institute this throughout ALL of baseball…maybe we’ll see some better defense?  Obviously 10 million dollars a year is not incentive enough for him to learn how to play the field, so let’s hit him where it hurts…the stats.  Howard has committed a career high 18 errors so far this year; he is now tied for 5th in the majors in errors and this does not even include all the times he has missed turning double plays (because you cannot assume a DP, the scorekeeper cannot give an error if the play is not turned…I think this rule should be changed as well). 

And now the Phillies are in a precarious position.  If the Mets lose tonight (currently tied with the Cubs), nothing changes.  If they win, the Mets will be only ½ game behind the Phils and with the Phillies day off tomorrow, the Mets will have a chance to regain that ½ game they are lagging behind and tie it up. And then the Phillies face the ever troublesome Washington Nationals for the last 3 games of the regular season.  Last place or not, the Nats have been playing much better lately and are not going to go down easy.  I am going to the final game on Sunday, just like I did last year.   But this year, I was hoping for a tad less stress that day.  I guess that is just not in the cards.  It is going to be a battle all the way to the end.

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