Phillies Loss Sets Them Up To Lose Ground in the NL East

Cole Hamels got the start tonight and did not have a very Cole-like game.  Although he only gave up 3 runs (1 of them unearned due to his own throwing error), he had a lot of base runners and threw a lot of pitches early.  His frustration showed when, after the error in the 3rd inning, he went back into the dugout and slammed his glove down onto the bench.  The solo homer he gave up in the 6th inning turned out to be the difference in the game, with the Phils losing 3-2.

The Phillies squandered many scoring opportunities in this game and in general, just looked bad.  In the 3rd inning, Chase Utley hit a double down the right field line with 2 outs in the inning.  Then, Jayson Werth got on base after a Braves fielding error; Ryan Howard then walks to load the bases.  Then Pat Burrell, with a chance to tie up the game or better, pops out to in foul ground.  A foul play, indeed.

Let’s move to the 6th…Burrell on 2nd base, no outs – Victorino hits the ball to the only place he shouldn’t hit it – to the short stop / third base side.  Pat Burrell then makes a base running error and gets caught off second for the first out.  Then to make matters worse, during Pedro Feliz’s at bat, Victorino gets caught trying to steal 2nd base.  Then Feliz grounds out; inning over.  And Burrell again in the 8th, with 2 outs and Ryan Howard on first…Burrell grounds out weakly to third.  Then, to add to my misery, Carlos Ruiz grounds into a double play to end the ballgame.  Ugh!

Have you noticed though that Burrell’s name keeps popping up here?  P9213064_pat_burrell His recent slump is becoming a big problem for the Phils.  He did have one RBI today, but he still is not hitting consistently in key situations.  Then again, who did today?  Pedro Feliz had the other RBI and the rest of the bats were fairly quiet.  Werth is still in a nasty slump as well…he has had only 3 hits in his last 6 games.  It’s crunch time and as we all know, some people thrive under pressure and others crumble…how will these guys react in the last 4 games?  That remains to be seen…

Hair_pulling As for me, I am popping antacids by the bottle full and pulling my hair out every time I see a Phillie strike out or hit into a double play!  And the Mets just crushed the Cubs, which adds to my stress.  They are now only a game and a half behind the Phillies.  This makes tomorrows’ game against Atlanta a must-win.  The pressure is on!  Looks like I’ll be making another trip to the pharmacy…L


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