Marlins Make 1st Place Magically Disappear

A little wave of the magic bat, and POOF!  Just like that, 1st place is gone.  With the awful 14-8 loss tonight, combined with a Mets win over Atlanta, the Phillies sink to 2nd place again in the NL East, trailing by ½ a game.  P9192371 The Marlins bats were so magically that they even stood up on their own, as if to beckon its owner to pick it up and get a hit.  See how Chris Coste looks puzzled by this?  Well, he is not the only one.  Brett Myers absolutely self-destructed in this game; perhaps as a result of his last outing being on only 3 days rest?  He was responsible for TEN runs in only 4 innings.  Yikes!  Well, the bullpen did no better as Rudy Seanez surrendered a run, Les Walrond got hit for 2 runs and Kyle Kendrick, in his 1st relief appearance, gave up a solo homer.  In all, it was a pitching disaster.  In fact, the most entertaining part of the game was when the Marlins male dancers came out and shook their groove thang.  P9192303There are so many things that are disturbing about this photo, I simply cannot begin to express it…it is just wrong on multiple levels J 

Tonight was also a terrible waste of a solid offensive performance.  Ryan Howard hit his 46th homer of the year; Greg Dobbs was 2 for 2 with a home run before being pulled in a double switch; Jimmy Rollins went 2 for 4 as well.  Scoring 8 runs is usually enough to win a game, but not tonight.  Well, if you can stomach it, here are some more photos from the game tonight.  Top row:  J-Roll tags out a Fish trying to nab second base and Jayson Werth slides safely into home.  Bottom row:  J-Roll is about to miss this ground ball…not good; and another J-Roll shot as he fouled a ball of his toe and hit the ground, in obvious pain.  I hope he is ok, because he was still limping into the bottom half of the inning.091908

So tomorrow I have the pleasure of seeing Joe Blanton pitch.  Ugh.  Well, you all know how I feel about him.  The good news is, I saw him taking BP today and the boy can hit!  He sent one ball about 420 feet into the deep part of center field.  I guess the practice may pay off… we shall see.  I am more concerned about his pitching…the Phillies cannot afford to lose this series.  Let’s hope the Fish leave their magic wands at home.

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