Back In First Place

The Phillies trailed in this game until the 8th inning, but came back to win it, 8-7.  The Mets did their part by getting shut out by the Nationals.  And it is déjà vu all over again for the Mets…the slide continues as they are bumped back to 2nd place in the NL East.  And with that, the Phillies move back into first place.

This win did not come easy for the Phillies.  Starting pitcher Jamie Moyer had a fairly bad outing tonight.  He lasted 5 2/3 innings and was responsible for 6 earned runs on 6 hits and 4 walks.  The walks alone show that Moyer was struggling.  He rarely walks that many batters.  But Ryan Madson came in for the 7th & 8th innings and totally shut down the Braves.  Yes, that’s right…the Phillies finally got through the 8th inning without giving us all heartburn.  Madson did not surrender a hit and struck out 3…he was awesome!  Brad Lidge, on the other hand, looked awful as he barely escaped the 9th without blowing his first save of the year.  He had walked the bases loaded and finally, struck out Gregor Blanco to end the game.  Whew!

Both teams were shaky on defense in this game.  It was like watching clowns juggle at the circus…balls flying everywhere.  The Braves had 2 errors in the game, which helped the Phillies out in scoring a few runs.  And Jimmy Rollins just looked confused…he threw an easy double play ball wide to Ryan Howard and then later dropped a perfect throw from Carlos Ruiz attempting to catch a runner stealing.  He had plenty of time to tag the guy, but just goofed up the catch.  Surprising play from Rollins…unless of course he is planning on joining the circus in the offseason J

P4208190 But what a night for Ryan Howard!  He racked up 3 RBI as he went 4 for 5 with a huge 2-run homer in the 8th that put the Phillies in the lead, 8-7.  He also tripled…a very rare occurrence for Howard, who does not run well.  Jayson Werth and Shane Victorino were close on his heels with 3 hits each; Werth also had a 2 run homer in the game and a walk to set up the 2-run shot by Howard.

Right now, the Phils offense looks like a bulldozer, ready to run over the competition.  Now the pitching will have to match their efforts.  Rookie JA Happ gets the start tomorrow in place of Kyle Kendrick who seems to have lost his Mojo.  Everyone is hoping that Happ can pick up the slack.  We shall see…

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