Phils Bullpen Sucks Again

Anyone know a good joke?  I could use one about now.  After watching this Phillies bullpen blow ANOTHER lead, I could also use a stiff drink.  The Phils lost the series against the last place Nationals after today’s sickening 9-7 loss.  This was the 7th time the Phillies bullpen has blown a lead in their last 22 games.  That is a 32% rate of totally sucking.

So let’s see who sucked the most…I’ll start with the starter, Joe Blah!-nton.  Certainly a prime candidate for major suckage:  4 innings, 3 walks, and 4 runs on 6 hits.  Wow.  Welcome to the “I Totally Suck” Hall of Fame!  And how about that bull pen?  P8248770_durbin_cr 4 earned runs on 5 hits in 2/3 of an inning by Chad Durbin who, apparently, has forgotten how to pitch.  He allowed the Nats to tie the game and then take the lead.  Oh, but wait!  The nightmare does not end there…JC Romero gave up a run of his own without recording an out.  No, I am not done yet…oh wait, actually Clay Condrey of all people, did ok and got the Phillies out of this horrid 8th inning.  But still, I vote he also sucks big time.  Guilt by association.

And what makes the pitching SO much worse, is the fact that the Phillies offense rallied in the 9th inning and tacked on 2 more runs, but with the MAJOR damage already done before then, it was too little too late.  Ryan Howard even hit TWO 2-run homers in the game, and still, they blow it.  This team has put themselves in a terrible position.  It is now almost a MUST that they sweep the Mets in order to make a run at the Playoffs, being 3 games back of 1st place, because the Mets do not look to be slowing down anytime soon.

Cast your votes here!  Leave me some comments below to tell me who YOU think sucks the most!  Then sit back, have a drink and try to find your HAPPY place J  I am not sure where mine is right now, but give me an hour or so…I swear it is in the bottom of one of those bottles!  J

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