Missed Opportunities

The Phillies blew a great opportunity tonight to really take the steam out of the Mets’ sails as they lost 6-3, after leading the game by a score of 3-2 until the 8th inning.  Right now, I am feeling like I ate some very bad Chinese food.  This is just sickening.  Yesterday I mentioned how many scoring opportunities the Phils squandered away, yet still came away with the win.  Tonight, they were not so lucky.

Here’s the ugly breakdown:  5th inning, with men on 1st & 2nd, Chase Utley grounds out to end the inning; 6th inning, Pat Burrell hits a lead-off double and then Ryan Howard walks – Shane Victorino proceeds to strikeout, Jayson Werth pops out and Pedro Feliz strikes out.  Lead-off double and a walk wasted; 7th inning, Chris Coste hits a lead-off single, but Greg Dobbs grounds into the double play to wipe them both out.  Still, they had more chances here…Rollins walked, Utley was intentionally walked, but Burrell grounded out to end the inning.

So why then, with a one run lead, do we allow Rudy Seanez to pitch to Carlos Delgado, who had already homered once in the game?  Frankly, I do not understand this “not available” crap with the pitchers.  Coaches treat these guys like porcelain dolls instead of the athletes they are.  JC Romero should have handled that batter, no question.  Even so, Seanez gets the nod and Rich Dubee, pitching coach, even came out to the mound to talk to him and Coste before they pitched to Delgado.  So, exactly how is it that Seanez comes out immediately tossing low balls to Delgado?  EVERYONE knows that Delgado hits the crap out of the low ball!  I mean, don’t they?  Every home run this guy has hit off us has been on a low pitch!  How do they miss that?  And it wasn’t a mistake that they threw him low either…Coste was set up low so it was obviously intentional.  UGH!  And that home run in the 8th inning that tied up the game is the one that totally turned the ball game over to the Mets.  Then Charlie Manuel puts Brad Lidge in for the last out of the 8th, in what is then a non-save situation, and of course, they hit the pants off of him too.  Next thing you know, a 3-2 lead turns to a 6-3 disaster.  And people wonder why I have an ulcer after watching this team play…

Screaming And because I feel like screaming right now, let me continue…  Did Manuel NOT think this game was crucial?  We have a 4 game series against the 1st place Cubs coming up who are just crushing teams right now; the Phils needed this win to take some of the pressure off them going into the Chicago series.  So again, why are any of our pitchers not available?  Sure, they are all tired.  Sure, they had a rough night last night.  But it is nearing September and the time for rest is over…everyone should want to get in the game every day and Manuel needs to stop babying these players.  They are not going to make the playoffs with this kind of approach.  This is the time to bear down, suck it up and earn your friggin’ millions!

Now excuse me for a moment while I try desperately to find my “happy place” so I can get some sleep tonight…  Ahhhhh….  Think, puppies & rainbows; kitties & wildflowers… J  Ok, I think I have meditated my way from furious to mildly annoyed.  And how are all of you doing out there in baseball hell?  Feel free to drop me a line and let me know!  We should not suffer alone. J

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