Groovy Win For The Phils

It was 70’s night at the ballpark tonight and Chris Coste and Greg Dobbs emerged as the Disco Kings!  In fact, give a great big Disco cheer to the entire bottom of the line-up!  They all contributed in this 8-1 win over Greg Maddux and the Dodgers.  Kyle Kendrick, coming off two straight horrible starts, also did his part tonight, allowing just one solo home run over 5 2/3 innings.  Chad Durbin was back to his normal, groovy self, pitching 1 1/3 shut-out innings.  And then Ryan Madson had the opportunity to redeem himself after last night’s disaster by pitching in the 8th tonight and he did so without incident.  With a 7 run lead, Scott Eyre got some work by pitching a scoreless 9th to close out the game.

The scoring began with a 2 run homer by Ryan Howard in the 4th to put the Phillies in the lead.  Howard however, who has not been hitting of late, remained quiet the rest of the game.  The 5th inning started off with a surprise bunt single from Greg Dobbs, who continues to make it difficult to leave him out of the line-up.  He just makes things happen.  Jayson Werth followed with a base hit; Dscf9931_costeChris Coste followed with another hit to score Dobbs.  Kendrick, hoping to assist in his own cause, laid a sac bunt down to advance the runners.  So with 2nd & 3rd occupied and the top of the line-up coming up, we are in business!  Right?  …Wrong.  Jimmy Rollins, who is now 3 for his last 37 at bats, popped out!  Then Chase Utley goes down watching strike 3 pass him by.  Not cool.  These guys are like totally killing my happy disco vibe at this point.

But that’s okay…let’s go to the 6th inning which began with 3 singles in a row!  Pat Burrell, Shane Victorino and Greg Dobbs load the bases.  Werth steps up and hits a sac fly to score Burrell.  Then Coste comes on to smack a 3-run homer and blow the game wide open.  After the game, Coste donned a 70’s style wig for his post-game interview (see photo) and blamed his 3rd inning bad at-bat, during which he grounded into a double play, on being distracted by the hysterical 1970’s outfit he was shown wearing on the big screen at the ballpark.  Ok, the man had 4 RBI on the night; we’ll excuse the double play.P4177825_dobbs_cr

And back to Greg Dobbs…things just continue to happen when he is in games!  And since  Rollins is not hitting, here is what I suggest:  leave Dobbs at third, put Pedro Feliz at short.  Feliz has played there before both with the Phillies and the Giants.  This offense needs a spark plug.  It used to be Rollins, but how long ago does that seem now?  I say Dobbs is the man.  He’s positive, upbeat, likeable and oh yeah, he’s hitting .304.  Really, at this point, I don’t care how Charlie Manuel gets him in the line-up, just make it happen!  This team needs a leader…Dobbs for President!!!!!! J

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