Bullpen Blows Lead; Offense Goes Cold Again For Hamels

I think it’s about time someone started a support group for Cole Hamels. 
P7132592 hamels cr.jpg
How many times is this guy going to be subjected to this kind of mental abuse and torture?  He pitches another great game, and his team comes up short AGAIN.  Seriously…get the man some counseling.  He is going to need it.  7 innings, 5 hits and only 2 earned runs – in any game, that should equal a win.  But not with the Phillies; their bats went quiet again and even the bullpen managed to chip in and blow this one.  Poor Cole…denied win #10 for the 7th time this year. 

And how about that offense?  6 lousy hits, one of which was a solo home run from Chase Utley and another hit was from Hamels.  Sad.  And did we even use our BEST pinch hitter in this game, Greg Dobbs?  Nooooooo…Charlie Manuel let Eric Bruntlett, “Mr. Automatic Easy Ground Ball”, bat in the 9th with a man in scoring position!  And guess what happened?  An easy ground ball for an out without even advancing the runner!  Shocking, I know.  I mean, if you are going to insist on starting Bruntlett (which again, I protest…Dobbs is better!), then you can at least have brains enough to hit for him in these situations!  And then, another great management decision; let’s take Burrell out of the game again for defensive reasons!  So who gets the crucial last play of the game?  So “I can’t throw to save my life” Taguchi.  And yes, there is a play at the plate in the bottom of the ninth…Andre Ethier singles to score Russell Martin and win the game; Taguchi’s throw is late and off-line, thus the Phillies have no shot at a comeback.  But hey, I guess Manuel figured they can’t hit anyway, so why bother?

Does anyone else feel my frustration here?  Oh gee, I almost forgot the bullpen…what happened to my super-awesome, adorably cute Chad Durbin?  Oh please, don’t make me say bad things about him!  My inner demons are right now having a war amongst themselves…it’s getting’ ugly in there!  Oh, but I so love Mr. Durbin!  What in the world was he thinking last night?  He loads the bases on a hit, a walk and a hit batter in the 8th, which eventually leads to the tying run scoring on a sac fly …yuck!  And JC Romero too, hitting the first batter?  Did someone drug them?  Yeah, that must have been it…I choose to believe it was all a terrorist act.  Someone drugged our bullpen and made them do BAD, BAD things.  And when I find out who it is, there will be no mercy. J

I am exhausted.  Let’s all just hope the Phillies can rebound and pull out a win tonight behind newbie, Joe Blanton.  Fingers & toes are crossed…



  1. jjd17pub@msn.com

    No runs and one hit from the 4th inning on. That is terrible. If they don’t start hitting and scoring more consistently, they will be on the outside looking in come September. We need hits and rbi’s when the game is close and still within reach of winning. We don’t need 400 foot home runs when we are down 6 or 7 runs in the ninth. We need CLUTCH HITTING which is something we have not seen regularly since before the Boston series. How many times do we leave men in scoring position without even a sac fly or a rbi scoring ground out. It’s all about hitting in the clutch and not jacking up your stats late in the game when the outcome is no longer in doubt.

  2. philliesredpinstripes

    I hate to say it, again, but it all goes back to our cheap shakes owners. Buying on the cheap instead of buying with some brains, give you players who haven’t heard of the word contact hitter to save their life. That is what missing on this team, a few contact hitters who know how to get that ball to go into the hole in the infield or go to the right side when they need to move a runner. If there is any on this team, they’re hiding.
    As for Cole, I’m starting to like another blogger’s idea that he should be suing his teammates for lask of runs support, because I’m sure he’s about ready to blow.

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