J-Roll & Myers Combine To End Phillies Offensive Woes

The drought finally ends…whew!  The Phillies beat the Pirates tonight by a score of 4-2, thanks in large part to another outstanding starting pitching performance.  This time, it was Brett Myers who put forth the quality start, going 7 2/3 innings with 1 earned run given up on 5 hits and one walk while striking out 6.  Myers was extremely displeased about being removed from the game late in the 8th inning, but I am guessing Charlie Manuel just wanted to make sure his outing ended on a high note.  JC Romero got the final out that inning and then Chad Durbin pitched a one-run 9th to earn the save, as Brad Lidge was given a night off.

The other half of the puzzle, which has been mysteriously missing for oh, 23 innings or so now, was the offense, which followed the lead of Jimmy Rollins tonight and managed to score a few runs. (see “Happy Dance” below:) 
Rollins cr.jpg

J-Roll led off both the 1st and the 7th innings tonight with triples; and both times, Shane Victorino got the job done and was able to knock the run in.  Greg Dobbs, in at third base instead of the “oops, I hit into another double-play” guy, Eric Bruntlett, went 2 for 3 with an RBI – a serious upgrade to the offense, to say the least.  I constantly hear people argue that Bruntlett is better defensively than Dobbs but frankly, I don’t buy it.  I have seen them both play.  If anything, I’d say they are about the same, in which case, you should play the better hitter which clearly is Dobbs.  And just for fun, look at their numbers:  Dobbs has 1 error on the year; Bruntlett has 6, although he has played more games…I’ll give him that.  So, go to lifetime fielding percentage:  Dobbs – .974%, Bruntlett – .964%.  Like I said, not much different.  And Dobbs was originally a third baseman – it is his best position.  Let the man play!

P5230738 smurf.jpgOk, that is my rant for the day J  I will be at the park tomorrow to see the last game of this series and to watch the Alumni Batting Challenge before the game.  I will try to get some photos for everyone!  Also, J-Roll Smurf
 will be in attendance taking a tour of the stadium and talking to the people
J  Say hi if you see him!  He loves cuddles from strangers…  Naughty smurf! J 

Also, I want to send out a huge THANK YOU to IAN who recently wrote to me to let me know that the lady I saw at the Nationals game on 7/30 in DC who was badly injured by a foul ball was ok.  I am so glad to hear it!  Everyone in our section was very worried about her so I am glad to report she made it out of the hospital in one piece and is doing well!  Thanks again Have a great night everyone!


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