Offense Sputters Again; Phils Lose Another Series

It really looks like the wheels are about to come off the wagon.  Is anyone else out there as frustrated with this team as I am?  One day they score 5 runs, the next day, they look like The Bad News Bears.  And if life were a movie and Walter Matthau were still alive today, and someone handed him this Phillies team to coach, I am sure he’d become a raging alcoholic.  Art imitates life, or something like that.  I know I need a drink….BAD.

So poor Cole Hamels
P7306539 hamels cr.jpgmisses out on win #10 AGAIN, losing to the Fish 3-0 after only giving up 2 earned runs in 6 1/3 innings.  Disgusting.  Here a just a few lovely examples of how the team let him down, AGAIN:  6th inning – Eric Bruntlett, who played great yesterday, left 2 men stranded on base with 2 outs as he grounded out.  7th inning –  Bruntlett again, bobbles a ball that should have been a double play ball and gets only one out, which extends the inning and then leads into the following…Another Ryan Howard error!  He overthrows a routine ground ball to Jimmy Rollins at second base to load the bases, further extend the inning and also allow the Marlins to tack on an unearned run.  And how about that 8th inning?  Shane Victorino leads off with a double, Pat Burrell would later walk, but teammates Chase Utley, Ryan Howard and Geoff Jenkins all manage to either pop out or ground out to strand them on base.

How many of you are cowering under your seats right now, clutching a bottle of (Pick Your Poison and fill in the blank)?  I believe this all boils down to two things:  Inconsistency and lack of fire.  The inconsistency is obvious.  What do I mean by lack of fire?  I mean, they just don’t look fired up.  They don’t look excited or motivated; not like they did last year.  There are far too many laid back, quiet players in this clubhouse and it is high time that some of them started to get LOUD.  Start yelling!  Hell, pick a fight if you need to.  Whatever it takes to WAKE this team up and get them HUNGRY to win!  Because right now, I don’t see it.  Do you?  Feel free to leave feedback and let me know if you agree…and feel free to disagree as well J  I take no offense…and right now, the Phillies have no offense…hee, hee J

Maybe they all just need a great BIG HUG!  As always, I am available for hugs anytime.  Please feel free to have the Front Office call me and I’ll be right over!  Put Chase Utley at the front of the line…he looks most distressed out of everyone J  I’ll even hug Rudy Seanez if I have to…and he scares me…truly. L  But I’ll do it if it helps!  Ok, fresh start tomorrow against the Pirates…let’s see if we can put the wheels back on the wagon!


One comment

  1. philliesredpinstripes

    I’d think I’d mentioned in one of my earlier blogs that the team certainly is lacking same fire in the bellow that they had last year. I hope somebody fire them up and soon, cause I ponder how much more of this Cole Hamels is going to take before he decides to rip into these guys. Hopefully the no longer to be feared Pirates will be just what the doctor ordered for these guys. Just pray they don’t decide to get swept by the Bucos.

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