Phillies Flounder Against The Fish

As the offense continues their slumber, Jamie Moyer, normally an automatic Fish-Fryer, takes his first career lost against the Marlins tonight, losing by a score of 8-2.  His record lifetime against Florida now stands at 10-1.  Of course, he did only give up 2 runs in 5 innings, which is not his normal superb effort, but certainly enough to deserve a win.  However, for the 3rd game in row, the offense did not produce and this time, the lack of runs came back to bite them.

The only scoring by the Phillies was a 2-run homer by Shane Victorino which, when watching the replay, was actually a foul ball.  So if you want to get picky about it, they really did not score at all.  They did have 8 hits, but also hit into 3 double plays to erase many of the base runners.  All I have to say is, this was one UGLY game.

And for those of you who were oh so anxious to see JA Happ back in action, well, there ya go.  Tough day for the rookie as he was put into a position he is not used to as a reliever…he pitched 2 innings and gave up 4 earned runs on 4 hits; he walked 2 batters and struck out 1.  Yikes!

Ok, all I can say is, it is time for J-Roll Smurf to do some Fish bashing!  Yes, he is back…the amazing Voodoo Smurf has officially returned to wreak havoc on the Marlins!  And, as you can see, he has recently received the blessing of Jimmy Rollins himself. 

There is no stopping him now!  J-Roll Smurf will not be denied.  Now darn you Phillies!  Pick up those friggin’ bats and hit the ball!!!  Thank you in advance for your cooperation



  1. marlinsin6

    Who was that lefty Walrond? No one in my section knew who he was. Walrond? Sounds like a character from the Lord of the Rings

  2. phillies_phollowers

    I know, funny! Les Walrond was originally a St. Louis prospect in 98 and has bounced around in 5 different clubs. He spent a short time with the Royals in 03 and the Cubs in 06 where he was given the boot. The Phils picked him up and signed him to AAA where he worked his way back up by adding some new pitches. He had a 2.83 ERA in 16 starts for the Iron Pigs and looked real good last night until he started walking guys. I am guessing nerves got the best of him. Hoping that is the case, because we need another lefty, not an Elf in search of a Ring! :o) Hee!

  3. marlinsin6

    lol. I didn’t know if he was a prospect or a draft pick or what. He did throw a bunch of off-speed pitches, which can be handy in getting lefty’s out. I like to see players who continually work trying to get another shot be given an opportunity….just save him for Delgado

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