Phillies Sweep The Nationals

Get off your bums and party people!  We just swept the Washington Nationals!  Yee-haw!  What?  Not that excited?  Oh, ok…I know it’s just the Nats, but it’s still three games; I’ll take it.  And we are now a full game in first place.  Have a drink.  Relax. J

I know, many of us are still highly annoyed with Mr. Gillick for the lack of effort put forth into getting this team some Gillick.jpghelp before the trade deadline today.  But you see, Pat was obviously very busy with other obligations.  Concerned as he is with our teams’ morale, he decided to spend the Washington series impersonating one of the Nationals mascots (Dead Pres., Mr. Washington!).  He knew it was sure to bring smiles to the faces of all our players.  Now if we only still had that guy on our team who liked to whack mascots with his bat…I believe his last target was a Brewers Sausage?   Hmmmm….  Well, I guess Mr. Gillick did the best he could.  And as we are all well aware, his best does usually involve the chirping of crickets…

I’ll tell you who is not P7306801 cr.jpgupset about the Trade Deadline passing…Shane Victorino.  Shane had another 2 hit night in the 8-4 victory over the Nats, although he did get caught stealing a bag, which I am sure did not go over well.  But once that clock passed 4pm, he probably had to ask someone, “You mean I don’t have to go pack now?  Seriously?  Awesome.”  All for the better in that area I think.

Jimmy Rollins came up big in the final win as well…3 RBI’s for J-Roll with 2 coming off a home run.  Ryan Howard had 2 hits and one RBI; Pat Burrell had one hit and drew 2 walks and Chase Utley had a hit and was intentionally hit by a pitch in the 8th inning.  I would have liked to have seen some retaliation for this, especially with the score as it was, but Rudy Seanez wimped out.  Speaking of which, why on earth do we keep putting this guy out there when he constantly gets into trouble and gives up runs?  What is going on with Seanez?  His ERA has jumped to 3.58 and he looks worse every time they put him out there.  Just a random observation…

Next series is in St. Louis where Ryan Howard will stay at home with Mom who will cook him pancakes for breakfast every morning and he will going on a hitting spree…  we hope J  Hey Momma Howard…put some magic in those pancakes!  Go Phillies!


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