Howard Obviously Not Happy With His Breakfast…

As the Phillies fell to the Cardinals 6-3 tonight, Ryan Howard went 0 for 3 in his hometown.  My only guess is that mommy did not make his favorite breakfast for him today, as is usually the St. Louis trip tradition. 
Perhaps Green Eggs & Ham were Green_Eggs_and_Ham_small.jpgon the menu instead?  My guess is that Ryan does not like green eggs and ham…he does not like them in a house; he does not like them with a mouse; he does not like them here or there; he does not like them anywhere.

And was Dr. Seuss feeding the entire offense too?  Because their performance was a real tummy turner.  Only 5 hits on the night with the only highlight being the 2 run homer by Pat Burrell in the 6th inning.  A real low point, just so we have something to chat about, was Eric Bruntlett striking out 3 times and looking real bad doing it.  Hey, after 3 straight games of Bruntlett not hitting, can we give Greg Dobbs a shot at third base?  Just a thought…  He was brought up as a third baseman originally ya know…

And what has happened to Cole Hamels these last 2 starts?  Wow.  He has just looked lost out there.  Tonight he went 6 innings and gave up 4 earned runs on 8 hits, 2 of which were home runs, and a walk.  Ryan Madson came on in relief and also gave up a home run in the 8th inning.  He is another guy who lately has not looked very sharp.  Hey guys, I do not like all these home runs being hit off us… I do not like them here or there.  I do not like them ANYWHERE!

So, the good news is, Dr. Seuss and his nasty, runny green eggs also visited our rivals in the NL East today as the Mets and the Marlins both lost their games as well.  The standings then do not change and we start fresh tomorrow with game 2 against the Cards.  And hopefully the team will stop by a local I-Hop to fuel up tomorrow morning J  Go Phillies!


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