Phillies Swat The Nats

It was a scorcher last night as Jamie Moyer got out his bug zapper and whacked the Nats, sending them to bug heaven by a score of 8-5 and putting the Phillies back in first place in the NL East.  The rest of us in the stands whacked the actual gnats buzzing about our faces in the 90 degree humid temperatures so we could see the game through the haze of sweat, thick, hot air and nasty little creatures.  How a 45 year old man can pitch in those conditions is beyond me.  I could barely sit through it.  And yet, Moyer managed to go 6 innings with only 3 earned runs, all in the first inning, on 6 hits and 3 walks.  He made a few adjustments after the rough 1st inning…perhaps a different brand of bug spray? …and then went on to pitch 5 scoreless innings.

The Phillies offense was steaming hot as well!  Chase Utley hit home run #27 last night, going 2 for 4 with 2 RBI and looked great in the field as well.  Here is a nice shot of him and Jimmy Rollins turning a double play last night. 
P7307178 cr.jpg
Shane Victorino, obviously pumped up over all the buzz about trade rumors, went 3 for 5 with 3 RBI and a solo homer.  Even Carlos Ruiz and Geoff Jenkins, who have been struggling lately, both had 2 hit nights.  But what was really most encouraging was not only to see the Phillies jump on a pitcher in the very first inning and score 2 runs, but that pitcher was Tim Redding whom they had not scored on AT ALL in their last two games against him.  This is a great sign that the offensive funk may be well behind us…

And how about Pat Burrell with his league leading 11th outfield assist, throwing out catcher Jesus Flores at 2nd base trying for a double?  And what happens later in the game?  Charlie Manuel takes him out, yet again, and puts in a “defensive” replacement as part of a double switch, which, yet AGAIN, backfires on him.  Now, I understand the double switch and moving the pitchers spot in the line-up, yadda, yadaa…  And I still LOVE Jayson Werth and feel very bad for the guy, because really, it is like a jinx at this point.  Whoever gets put in for Pat is just going to suck.  Period.  The first big play Jayson gets to make, a long fly ball, and instead of catching it, he slips and falls right on his rear!  Poor thing.  But, just one more reason for Pat (and me) to yell…quit taking him out!  And that is all I will say about that, AGAIN, for today J

And a few quick notes about the new Washington Nationals stadium for anyone who has not been or is thinking of going…  First, the scoreboard:
P7301112 sb cr.jpg  WOW!  It is by far, the most impressive, clearest, biggest and most amazing one I have EVER seen!  Here is a shot of it for you.  Next, ticket prices:  outrageous!  In fact, I compared them to Philly and they are, on average, 50% more than the price for the regular seating areas; the Diamond Club seats are more than double the price, and are further back from home plate.  Actually, where I usually sit in Philly, if I sat in the same seat in DC (considered the “Presidents” area), I would have to pay $250.00 MORE for one seat to one game (I am usually in row 14 in the DC section).  Can you say hell no?  Are they nuts?  Ok, and then there is the parking…$40, pre-paid only.  Or, you can walk like 10 blocks through some really not nice areas and pay $20.  Or, you can leave your car at the old RFK Stadium for free and be at the mercy of their bus transportation.  Scoreboard envy aside, all this makes me SO happy to be a Phillies fan!

Here are a few more fun photos for you:
ball 10.jpg  This one of the number 10 is in Centerfield near the scoreboard.  Are they trying to count the number of actual Nationals fans in attendance?  Hee!  And then here is a ball I snagged during BP.  They are specially marked for the inaugural season of the ballpark.  Guess that makes up for the $40 I blew on parking…
J  Oh, and I caught a tee-shirt tossed out by President Lincoln (the racing mascot).  Also got an autograph from Chris Coste before the game.  I never get this lucky in Philly.  Go figure.

A bit off topic here, there was a woman last night a row behind me who got hit right on the top of the head in the 7th inning with a foul ball while standing in the aisle.  She hit the ground like a ton of bricks and without giving the gory details, I can tell you, it did not look good.  I am just wondering if anyone reading this knows how she is doing, I would like to know if she is ok (sec. 113/114).  Please e-mail me; I’d appreciate it.  I looked all over the internet and could not find anything about it.  I just felt very bad for her and wanted to make sure she was ok.  The paramedics did a great job getting to her quickly but you just hate to see those things happen.  Sorry for the bummer, but just wanted to see if anyone knew anything…thanks! 

So, that’s all for now.  Let’s see if the Phillies can sweep a series tonight!  7:10pm start…Kyle Kendrick gets the start…Go Phillies!



  1. redstatebluestate

    I think the Nats would be thankful if 10 people showed up to watch them play (not including the opposing team’s fans 😉 Sorry about the Corey Feldman thing… it happens from time to time. I’m a child of the 80’s. A child of divorce. Those are my excuses. 🙂

  2. marlinsin6

    And sweep they did! Impressive wins in each game too. If Myers uses his last start as a spring board for the next two months, the Phillies rotation changes drastically for the better.
    I was a little (actually a lot) upset when I saw that Moyer pitched this game because I bought tickets to the game on Tuesday a while ago and it just so happens that Mr. Marlin-Killer’s next turn in the rotaion is…Tuesday. Ouch. Awesome pics btw!

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