Dobbs Record Pinch Hit Put The Phillies On Top

Greg Dobbs tied a record today that has stood since 1913 when he knocked a fastball over the right-field fence in the 5th inning.  It was his 20th pinch hit of the year.  The last Phillie to have 20 pinch hits in a season was Doc Miller and yes, it was as far back as 1913.  This 3-run homer put the Phillies in the lead 10-9 over the Braves, which turned out to be the final score.  Here is a shot of Dobbs hitting that homer and then the follow through as he watches it leave the yard:

Dobbs HR.jpg

It was a rollercoaster of a game which started with three very solid innings from Cole Hamels.  Even the offense had shown signs of life at this point, scoring three runs by the bottom of the third.  Then just as we were all feeling comfortable in our seats, Hamels began to unravel in the 4th.  Or maybe a better word would be, implode.  9 runs would score in that inning, 3 of which came off a Mark Teixeira home run, and another off a Hamels throwing error.  Not a happy day for Cole.

However, the offense finally found their bats today and managed to score 7 runs in the 5th to take the lead, with the Dobbs homer putting them over the top.  After that, the bullpen came in and held the Braves down; P7266071 romero cr.jpg6 relievers in all combined for zero runs scored from the 5th inning on.  Here is a nice shot I took of JC Romero closing out the 8th inning.  He was especially excited about his outing today.

Nice win…these guys looked like they had a bit more life in them today.  I think maybe Photo Day did them some good.  Hanging out and taking pictures with the fans; ya know…being forced to smile, whether you like it or not J  No seriously, there was a lot of positive energy out on that field before the game and hey, maybe that helped.  Maybe they should do that like once a week, just for the energy boost J  I’ll post some photos from that event later when I am not so sleepy…until then, Go Phillies!


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