Burrell’s 3-Run Shot Propels Phillies To Series Win

It was a 2-2 score until the 8th inning and as billed, a pitching duel between two of the leagues best, Cole Hamels (even if Clint Hurdle doesn’t have the brains to think so) and Brandon Webb. That is, until Pat Burrell blasted a 3-run homer off relief pitcher, Chad Qualls, once again showing why he too, was All-Star worthy. Kudos also to Chase Utley and Ryan Howard for getting on base to help Pat collect some RBI’s!

Hamels went 7.0 innings, giving up just the 2 runs and lowering his era to 3.15. He also had a bit hit on the day, driving in a run. I watched Cole taking batting practice with Milt Thompson before the game in the indoor batting cages, which I can tell you, is very unusual for a starting pitcher to do, so this really shows his commitment to help his team in every aspect of the game and should be commended. He was very serious in the cages and spent a lot of time working on bunting, hitting off the tee and also just on his swing.

P7132493b.jpgChase Utley and Brad Lidge were presented with their All-Star jerseys before the game by Charlie Manual. Too bad Cole, Pat or Ryan could not join them… Well, nice to head off to the break still in first place! All-Star coverage to follow once I can get back to the computer. Thanks for all your comments and feedback! Be talking to you again very soon!



  1. philliesredpinstripes

    Actually, that was only one solo home run that Cole gave up today. As for Cole and his hitting, you’re right, not too many pitchers would be taking batting practice. No wonder he has been able to help his cause with the bat.

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