Phillies Offense Gone Into Hiding Again

So besides a valiant effort by Jayson Werth, can anyone tell me where the bats have gone?  Hiding under a rock somewhere, perhaps?  Trapped PTSD-SCOOBY-DOO.jpgunder a heavy object and they can’t get out?  Can we hire a detective to go solve the mystery?  I hear Scooby-Doo is not too busy these days…let’s put him on the case!  He works pretty cheap…just toss him a Philly cheese steak and he’ll be happy to start sniffing around for us J  Only 4 hits in last night’s game and then 10 hits tonight (in 12 innings), including the amazing 2 run homer by Jayson Werth, which temporarily tied up the game and gave the Phillies a shot at redemption.

However, tonight the Mets completed the total deconstruction of the Phillies bullpen.  The only “virgins” left in the pen after last night’s horrid attack were Brad Lidge and Chad Durbin, who appeared untouchable.  Not so, I am afraid.  Both gave up runs today; Lidge gave up one and Durbin gave up two on a 2 run homer in the 12th inning to un-tie the game and give the Mets back the lead.  But you really can’t complain about that.  The pitch Durbin made was low and out of the zone and Fernando Tatis just reached down and golfed it out of the park.  Besides that, both Durbin and Lidge have been outstanding all year and can’t be expected to perform miracles every night.  Our offense should be expected to get hits in key situations, and this, they have not done.

So I say, Scooby Dooby-Doo, where are you?  We need some help from you now!  Won’t you please, please find the bats?  I promise to throw in extra cheese with that Philly steak!  And hey, just a suggestion for Charlie Manuel – STOP taking Pat Burrell out of the game!  This continues to hurt the team late into games and almost never helps on the base path!  Today, he replaced him with Geoff Jenkins in a bases loaded situation with 2 outs.  First off, Jenkins runs almost as well as Burrell!  DUH!  Second, the bases are loaded!  Aren’t we more concerned with the runners on 2nd and 3rd?  Why waste Burrell’s bat?  We REALLY could have used him later in the game, but instead, we were subjected to watching Jenkins do NOTHING at the plate, as usual.  You cannot use his defense as an excuse as Burrell is the only Phillie who has NOT committed an error ALL year! SOOOOOOO…leave him in there!

Speaking of Pat, remember to keep voting!  Here is the link for you….let’s get Pat to the All-Star game; we have until Thursday at 5pm!  Get those fingers clicking people!


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