Atlanta: Looks An Awful Lot Like Philly

Is this team at home in Atlanta, or what?  Talk about being comfortable, the Phillies walk away tonight with their 5th straight win on Atlanta’s home turf this year…they may as well be playing in Philly, the way they look in this ballpark.  What exactly are they feeding our players over there anyway, Mom’s home cooking?  I’ll say this, Georgia sure is a mighty hospitable state and the Phillies will be glad to return again anytime.

The 7-3 win was not without drama, however, as Ryan Howard threatened to blow the game for Phillies with TWO game extending errors in the bottom of the ninth inning.  The second of the 2 errors loaded the bases to bring up Mark P2241259 cr.jpgTeixeira who almost nailed a grand slam to tie the game, which should have been over 2 errors ago, but luckily, the ball sailed foul.  Brad Lidge did finally strike him out to end the game, after a real nail biter of an inning.

So either Jimmy Rollins is reading my blog or someone lit a fire under him!  Probably the second one…but one can dream J  Tonight, he finally looked like the J-Roll I’ve been waiting to see all year!  He was energized, enthusiastic, talking to all his teammates on the field and in the dugout and on top of that, getting the job done on both sides of the ball.  Jimmy made several outstanding defensive P5230738 smurf.jpgplays and at the plate, went 3 for 4 with 1 RBI, 2 runs scored and a walk.  Basically, he was Smurfy! J  Chase Utley, Pedro Feliz & Chris Coste also had multiple hit nights.

In other super news, Adam Eaton got another win, and it was well deserved!  5 innings and only 2 runs…we’ll take it.  I’d prefer a few less walks next time (5 tonight), but other than that, he did his job.  And how many times can I say how GREAT Chad Durbin is?  LOVE him!  JC Romero has had a few shaky outings now, giving up a lot of walks and some home run balls.  I am beginning to get worried about him a bit….he had that hip injury not long ago and has not seemed the same since then.  I am wondering if he needs a break?  Just a thought…

One more to go in our happy home town…oh, I mean our happy home away from home, Atlanta!  Let’s see if we can sweep em’ twice in one season!  Go Phillies!



  1. philliesredpinstripes

    I have to agree. Ryan needs to work on his fielding, and on play situation, cause the guys in the booth were saying that he should’ve let Utley field that ball that became the second error. Owe Lidge dinner? I think he owes him breakfast and lunch as well.

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