Moyer’s Proposal / Trade Rumors

When, oh when, will the losing end?  I don’t know about all of you, but my poor brain hurts.  Ouch!  It does seem that Jamie Moyer had a well laid out plan for this game and was rolling along quite well, in fact.  And really, you can’t blame him at all.  3 runs for Jamie in 6.2 innings having thrown over 100 pitches is quite a feat.  He is amazing.  This offense simply let him down, yet again.  On Sunday afternoon, he even tried helping out Kyle Kendrick to prepare for his next start (which will be tonight) by either, proposing marriage (see photo)
P6222026 moyer kendrick cr.jpg, or what I should better assume is teaching him how to throw a change-up.  This is the one pitch Kyle still seems to have some trouble with.  The two worked on it before the game for over ½ an hour out on the field.  Moyer is such a team player and it really saddens me to see the rest of the team let him down like this.

Obviously, they are not happy about it either.  Having totaled only 6 hits against a very average pitcher last night, the Phillies offense were all left scratching their heads and wondering what has happened to the bats.  Perhaps it is time to pull out a copy of the movie Major League and summon the Spirit of Jobu? I don’t think the actor Dennis Haysbert is getting much work these days besides All-State commercials…maybe he can shave his head again and come play for the Phils?  And here’s a thought…can we try Greg Dobbs, who is batting .347, as the DH instead of Geoff Jenkins who is batting .244?  Hmmm?  And can anyone tell me the last time Carlos Ruiz got a hit?  Or the last time he did NOT hit into a double play when given the chance?  Just a few things that have been BUGGING me…

Sorry, had to vent for a few seconds there J  Ah, back to my happy place…  So, thanks for comments and feedback!  In response to the latest comment on the Shane Victorino trade rumors, here is my take on the situation.  First of all, I love Shane too and would be devastated to see him go, but keep in mind that rumors are rumors and this very same rumor went around last year as well and he is still here.  The trade deadline is not until 7/31/08, so until we are past the All-Star break and closer to that day, I would not panic just yet.  A lot of the talk is because the Phillies are looking to add a pitcher if they want to contend for a World Series title THIS year.  They believe they have they offense, present slump aside, to make it happen and are willing to sacrifice a few “future” possibilities to make it happen.  I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is the right move.  Where Shane falls into that is they are looking to get a pitcher like a CC Sabathia from the Indians, but someone of that caliber will not come cheap.  It would have to be a package deal with say Shane plus a minor league prospect or two.  However, the Phillies have a LOT of really great minor leaguers that may be ready to go THIS year that a team may go for without someone like Shane in the mix.  Carlos Carrasco’s name has been tossed around a lot, as an example.  He would be a big loss to the Phillies system, but not necessarily so if it brings us a World Series Title.  Ya know?

Another thought on this is also that these rumors may be being tossed around to light a fire under both Shane Victorino AND Brett Myers.  Cruel as this may sound, I have heard several media type mention it now.  They are saying that the thought of Myers being “replaced” may force him into getting his act together.  And as for Shane, the idea that he is dispensable and maybe has not performed up to their expectations could get him back on track as well.  We also have the possibility of Kris Benson coming out of rehab in Clearwater soon to think about.  If he can get past all these injuries and prove to be a viable starter, all this trade stuff may go away…  Well, then again, you never can tell J  Whew!  If my brain didn’t hurt before, it sure does now!  How is that for a LOT to absorb at once?  I do hope that helps though.  We will know more as the deadline approaches.  As always, thanks for reading and for your feedback.  Have a great day!



  1. philliesredpinstripes

    Well, on the article at on last night’s game it would seem that the players are starting to realize that they are just stinking up the place right now and it would seem that good ol Charlie Brow…, ahem, I mean, Manuel, has already knows what they are doing wrong. Now it he would only get the players to start getting their heads into the game and start doing the ‘right’ thing, then maybe this blasted losing streak will finally end!!!

  2. Miss_Phillies

    Thanks for the feedback on the situation!! really appreciate it and it does help me! and yes..that is alot ot absorb for one day..many possibilities! lol (oh, and expect me to come back panicking as July 31st approaches if all this trade stuff with shane keeps up! LOL!) =D


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