Angels Exploit Phillies Demons

On their worst losing streak since 2006, the Phillies have now lost 5 in a row with this 3 game sweep from the LA Angels.  Even Cole Hamels, excellent on the mound as usual, could not save this sinking ship.  With plenty of scoring opportunities yet again, the offense simply went down in flames.  Jimmy Rollins and Greg Dobbs tried to get the rally started in the first inning, both getting on base and even pulling off a double steal.  But then Ryan Howard and Pat Burrell both strike out in order to kill that rally.  Well, Jimmy stealing second is my Picture of the Game at any rate: 
P6222161 Rollins cr.jpg

Then in the 9th inning, 2 men on base again, count is 2-0 and pinch hitter So Taguchi decides to swing?  With Chase Utley on deck and 2 outs?  Why???  Perhaps the same reason he dropped a ball in the outfield in Saturday’s game – this guy is useless.  I just don’t get it.  He was one of the best pinch hitters in the game for the Cardinal’s last year.  He comes to the Phillies and suddenly, he can’t hit or field?  He has yet to nail down a pinch hit for us.  And please, please STOP pulling Pat Burrell in late innings to put this guy in!  Pat is surely the better hitter, and actually has shown himself to be a better fielder.  I am SO sick of SO.  TRADE him for pitching please!  We have guys in the minors who field better.

So, yet another dismal offensive output as the slumping Phils have slipped back to within one game of Florida on their tails.  New York and Atlanta have both also made up significant ground, coming in 3.5 and 4 games back, respectively.  Road trip starts tomorrow and if they don’t find a way to jump start this sluggish offense, the Phillies are in for a very long, hot summer.


One comment

  1. Miss_Phillies

    hi! i’ve been reading your blogs for awhile now and i gotta say..most crack me up! lol! i love the pictures you “added” stuff too! i also love what you have to say. =)
    also, i was hoping you could give me a little in site on something? what’s all this talk of trading shane victorino? is this all true? he’ll probably be traded? or is this just a rumor and should i not worry about it? i would hate to see him go..he one of my favorites!! even if it was for a good starting pitcher! please let me know! thanks! =)

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