The Phillies Drop 2 of 3 To The Red Sox

I am grouchy.  It happens.  Two straight losses to the Red Sox will do that.  So, the Phillies have an off day tomorrow and boy, oh boy, do they need it bad.  This team looks like they may be headed for trouble if they don’t quickly regroup and find a way to put the wheels back on the track.  Having lost their last 3 series now, they will come back on Friday to face the 1st place Angels, one of the best base running teams in the AL.  And when you look as tired and run down as the Phillies do right now, the last thing you need to see is a team that is ready to burn up the base path.

As usual, it boils down to starting pitching and today, the Sox made Kyle Kendrick look like a minor leaguer.  He gave up 6 runs and 2 walks with 2 homers in only 3 innings and had to be pulled early. 
P4136858 cr.jpg
Our bullpen was excellent as usual, giving up only 1 more run and giving the team a shot at getting back in the game, but as has been the trend of late, the offense could not get the job done.  As a team, they mustered up only 6 hits and struggled again to advance runners.  Chase Utley continues to battle at the plate, jumping his no hit streak to a massive 0 for 20.  His reaction to this?…see photo.  What???  Yeah, right there with ya…we all have no clue what is up with this funk he’s in.  Well, it happens to the best of them.

Well, as I always say, tomorrow is another day.  Unless it is the last day of the season and we miss the playoffs…don’t talk to me on that day.  But for now, it is only June, let’s try to think happy thoughts J  Sunshine, flowers, ocean waves….did it work?  Ok, yeah, I am still in a bad mood too…sorry, I tried.  I’ll get over it later…for now, I’ll use it as an excuse to eat some chocolate….  Have a happy day off everyone!


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  1. philliesredpinstripes

    I’m not going to push the panic button, but Utley is going to have to figure out where he swing has disappear to. I hope all of the praising that he has been getting lately hasn’t somehow short circuited his brain cells. Otherwise, this is going to be a real long summer.

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