Pitching Shuts Down Phils Offense

The Phillies offense struggled tonight, having to face a much tougher pitcher tonight in Jon Lester, and they just did not get the job done.  Jamie Moyer had a decent start again, although he was only able to go 5 innings as his pitch count mounted with Red Sox’s hitters being very patient at the plate, drawing walks and making the most of the 4 hits they got off him.  Jamie
P4137091 kitty Moyer cr.jpgonly gave up 2 runs, both of which came off a 2 run homer from Coco Crisp, who also scored the 3rd Sox run of the game in the 6th off Ryan Madson after stealing 2 bags.  Not bad for a guy who sounds more like a breakfast cereal than a baseball player.  Really, Moyer did his part…only 4 hits allowed is great, especially considering the tight strike zone the home plate umpire gave him to work with.  The Sox were simply not swinging and the walks kept coming…five in all.  It was as if Moyer were tossing cute little kitty cats up to the plate and the Sox did not want to swing and hurt the poor kitties.  How nice of them!  Well, extra points to the BoSox for being such animal lovers.

As for the Phillies offense, they were not quite as patient.  Four strikeouts for Ryan Howard on the night after last night’s amazing 3 for 5 performance…wow.  Burrell had 3 on the night.  As a team, the Red Sox racked up 10 strike outs total and gave up only 7 hits.  A few missed opportunities as well by our offense did not help.  Carlos Ruiz had 2 identical chances to get the Phillies going with 2 men on base in 2 different innings…both times he grounded to third base; once for a double play, once for the final out as there were already 2 outs.  And Chase Utley had a huge shot at getting the Phillies on the board in the 8th with Rollins on 3rd base and 2 outs, but he continues his slump and struck out on a bad pitch.  I believe he is now 0 for his last 16.  Yikes!  Clearly, he was seeing adorable kitty cats at the plate too J  Give credit however to Jon Lester tonight…he was great and pitched all sides of the plate and changed speeds effectively.  This guy is the real deal.

Well, we’ve got one more shot at the World Champs tomorrow afternoon and hopefully, the bats come out swinging hard!  Also, remember to keep VOTING for the Phillies to go to All-Star game!  Chase Utley still leads all Major league players in votes!  Pat Burrell has moved back up to 6th place in outfield votes, Rollins is in 4th at short stop and Howard is in 5th at first base…so, we need MORE votes to get these guys in there with Chase!  Go Phillies!



  1. phillies_phollowers

    Maybe some Boo Berry will scare them away too? Hee! So, the entire NL East took a dive yesterday…how nice of them to cooperate. But yeah, the Phillies seriously need to kick it into overdrive and pull away from the pack.

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