Error’s Hand The Series Over To The Cards

A very ugly loss today which I am sure has resulted in a very quiet ride back to Philly for this team, left stunned by the events of the 10th inning in their 7-6 loss to the Cardinals.  With 2 outs and a tie game, Chase Utley had the chance to put the inning away, but botched the throw to Tom Gordon who was covering first base.  The inning continued.  Tom Gordon gives up a hit to the next batter and we have 2 men on.  The next batter hits nearly the same shot again between Utley and Howard; Utley fields it, leaving Gordon to cover first again.  This time, Utley makes the throw, but Gordon just misses the ball!  The runner at second scores, and the game is over.  This team has got to be absolutely stunned.


Not that there weren’t plenty of other chances to blow this game wide open earlier.  The Phillies left 15 men on base and left the bases loaded multiple times.  The offense is just not producing in key situations.  Add to that, Myers did not have a good outing again, giving up 6 earned runs in 6 innings including 2 home runs.  Yesterday, we did get a good performance from Adam Eaton, but it was essentially wasted as he was the only one who showed up to play.  Eaton had two hits in the game, which totaled exactly half of the offense for the day.  And Kyle Loshe gave a great performance, although it was for the Cardinals J


With teams like the Red Sox and Angels coming up,P2230298 cr.jpg I think it may be time for Charlie Manuel to get the big stick out and start whacking some of these guys over the head!  This is no time to become complacent!  Let’s see Charlie get mad!  That is always entertaining J  (Note the evil smile on his face in the photo as he imagines smacking some players around with his bat)  Speaking of inter-league play, how exactly do the Phillies get totally screwed with the Red Soxs and the Angels and the Mets get to play the lowly Royals?  What is up with that?  I hate inter-league play.  Well, it would be ok if everyone in your division played THE SAME teams.  Then it would at least be fair.  The way it is now, it just isn’t right.  Oh well, what can you do?  So, Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there…have a good one!


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  1. philliesredpinstripes

    I’d gathered you didn’t see Gordon’s reaction to his screw up on the second error. He looked like he was going to do a lot more than throw that glove into the ground. But what really got me thinking was Charlie’s stun look in the dugout. Oh, someone is going to be getting a stern talking to soon. But, this does go back to two things, lack of a clutch hit, and Myers blowing up again. I suggest you read my blog to see my little rant on that.

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