The Elder Moyer Schools The Fish

46 year-old Jamie Moyer taught another pitching lesson last night to the Fish, who floundered under his tutelage for the 9th time in 9 tries since 2006.  Moyer reeled in another win against the Marlins, going 8 solid shut-out innings with only 2 hits surrendered, 1 walk and 3 strikeouts.  Another amazing performance from the pitching master on this staff!  So amazing in fact, that even the opposing pitcher, Scott Olsen, who openly HATES the Phillies, had nothing but praise for Moyer after the game.  Olsen said, “He does a very good job locating the pitch he wants, where he wants. He gets you to swing at his pitch. He’s ahead of the count a majority of the times, and you’re on the defensive with him. He does such a good job mixing speeds that you can’t sit on anything.”


Isn’t this the same guy who bashes Phillies in the press all the time?  Wow.  Yeah, if I remember correctly, Olsen is the one who yelled at Chase Utley last year for taking his base on ball four during a game in May.  Was he supposed to NOT take his base?  Hmmmm…  And I mean, we are talking about Utley, the most mild-mannered guy in baseball.  He is like the Clark Kent of the baseball world.  See the resemblance? 
utley clark kent cr.jpg

Ya think Olsen may have blown that a bit out of proportion?  Now he is dousing praise on Jamie Moyer…maybe he has finally graduated to Big Boy pants
J  How cute.  Isn’t it nice to see them grown up right in front of you…  Either that, or he’s secretly hoping Jamie will adopt him J


On to St. Louis where the Cards are missing the great Albert Pujols!  Darn!  I will now observe a personal moment of silence as I mourn his absence from the line-up. …Ok, I am over it now. J  Go Phillies!



  1. marlinsin6

    I do agree that Olsen was wrong in what he did last year, but don’t we all remember this too:? “Hanley, in Florida, is just Hanley in Florida. I can throw him out of the books.” by Jimmy Rollins. It’s not like Florida is the only one with a player with a big immature mouth. But I like it because I think it just adds to rivalry.
    That being said, Utley IS superman, and Moyer WAS brilliant last night. And who drew up the Phillies schedule? Mets management? I just took a peek and it’s a killer 9 games against good teams followed by a west coast trip. Wow.

  2. phillies_phollowers

    The Rollins comments were taken without context…he was referring to Hanley lacking MVP votes due to his geographical location, not his performance. Because Florida does not draw a huge fan base like NY, etc… I admit Rollins has a big mouth at times and is not always elloquent, but one thing he has never been is mean-spirited. Always fun though to watch our teams go at it as usual :o) So, about this freakin’ schedule…wow. How is it the Phillies get totally screwed with the best teams in MLB (Angels, Red Soxs) and the Mets get to play the Royals? This is why I hate inter-league play…it is so unfair. Perhaps Mr. Randolph will get to keep his job a bit longer…we shall see!

  3. philliesredpinstripes

    It’s the luck of the draw, as far as Interleague Play is concerned. Remember that when it started, your team would have been facing teams from the American League division opposite yours. So, the Phils started off with meeting the Yanks, the BoSox, the Orioles…, but now the teams are meeting teams that are suppose to be their natural rivals plus a team or two from one of the other divisions, which is why the Phils are now facing the BoSox and the Angels right now. As for the Mets meeting the Royals, that’s because the Royals are a lousy team, period.

  4. philliesredpinstripes

    As for who set up the schedule, only Major League bureaucrats know the answer to that question, and I don’t any of them are going to talk, even if you threathen them with the comfy chair. 😉


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