Myers Hurt By The Long Ball in Series Opener

First game of the Marlins series and Brett Myers gives up three runs on two homers in the first inning.  Generally not a good way to start.  Leading the league in home runs given up with 18 total, 9 of those have come for Brett in the first inning.  Makes me wonder if Mr. Myers has concerns about how long he’ll be able to go into games and is holding back in the first inning?  Is he just lobbing the ball up there to save his arm for later?  I mean, he was a closer last year…you’d expect his first inning to be a tad better.  It was obvious that he was not locating the ball either, but how much of that is stemming from his holding back?  Just a thought…


So, with that first inning disaster, the Phillies offense was unable to recover.  Jimmy Rollins tried to get the team back on track with a 2-run homer in the top of the 5th, but in the bottom of the same inning, Myers gave the runs right back to them with a 2-run shot from Mike Jacobs.  The Fish tried to help us out with a couple of errors in the game as well, but when the meat of your line-up (Victorino, Utley, Howard) come up empty for the night, it is going to be difficult to play catch-up.  Credit to the opposing pitcher though…he pitched a heck of a game.  Well, 2 more games to go…let’s see if they can get back on track with Cole Hamels tonight!


On a happier note, Chase Utley still leads the way in All-Star voting!  He has racked up 1,284,961 votes at last count and is wiping away the competition!  But we seriously need to get some other Phillies in there.  Jimmy Rollins is in 5th place at short stop, Ryan Howard is in 4th place at first and Pat Burrell has dropped to 9th among outfielders.  So get VOTING people!  I have even trained my cat
DSCF5523.JPGto vote in my absence.
J  Ya know, like an absentee ballot.  He is a true baseball fan and a very talented kitty.  Here is a nice photo of him sporting his favorite Phillies gear.  Isn’t he cute?  I warn you…do not disagree or he will claw your face!  Typical Phillies fan J  Hee!  So, no excuses now!  Even if you have to train your pets to do it for you…VOTE for the Phillies! J


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