Griffey Hits #600

Ken Griffey Jr. hit home run #600 last night in Miami at Dolphin Stadium against Marlins left-hander Mark Hendrickson in the first inning of the 9-4 Reds win.  Only five other players in history have ever reached the 600 home run milestone.  The 2 run shot landed in the right field seats and was witnessed by about 16,000 fans and most of Griffey’s family who came to the game from their home in nearby Orlando.

P6041591 griffey cr.jpg 

During Griffey’s recent visit to Philadelphia, he came about one foot shy of hitting #600 off of Cole Hamels, but the long shot was caught at the wall by Shane Victorino in centerfield.  This win for the Reds over the Marlins changes the NL East standings a bit going into tonight’s Phillies – Marlins series.  The Phillies currently hold a 4 game lead over the Marlins for first place; Atlanta, still with an ailing Chipper Jones, is 6.5 games back; the Mets are 7.5 back; and the Nationals are 14 games back.



  1. phillies_phollowers

    Glad you are having a good trip! Looking forward to seeing pictures :o) Don’t you just LOVE that store!? I know, I went totally nuts there in March… So yeah, I am hoping we have a slight edge here with the Fish’s pitching a bit tired and us having the day off with all this awful heat. Also just heard that we have JC Romero back, which is good! 2 of 3 sounds good to me! Fingers are crossed :o)

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