Phillies Sweep in Atlanta & Disco Returns!

No, you did not read that wrong…the Phillies really did sweep Atlanta…in Atlanta!  Oh, you mean the Disco part, right?  Well, I mean after a 3 game sweep of the Braves, I feel like dancing, don’t you?  I thereby officially declare Disco to be “un-dead.”  “Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight, get down tonight…”  I think the Phillies are in the disco groove too…  disco ball 3-d.jpgFor instance, did you get the idea that Kyle Kendrick was feeling the love last night after handing out a season high 5 free passes to the Braves?  But no worries, crank up that KC & The Sunshine Band record and keep on dancing, cuz as usually, Kyle and our jammin’ bullpen pitched right on out of that mess.  Now spin that disco ball, pretend you are reading this blog in *Technicolor*, put on your favorite 3-D glasses and watch the bats come back to life!  A groovy home run by Ruiz got the party started in the 5th and the hits kept on coming!  The Phils had 2 hit nights by Utley, Burrell (including a solo homer) and Werth, just off the DL and Rollins also contributed with a 2 run home run.  A solid win for the Phillies in a tough place to play on the road.


Moving on to this afternoons’ totally awesome win, with a hot rally in the 9th that melted any hopes the Braves had at durbin disco.jpgsalvaging a game in this series, and I am still kicking it to KC records in my air conditioned living room!  And the John Travolta “How HOT Is This Guy?” Award of the day goes to Chad Durbin!  Wow!  I LOVE this guy!  With our bullpen tired and worn out the last few days, Romero unable to go, Durbin comes in and goes 2 solid innings to keep the Phillies in the game until the offense can come up with a big inning to win it and get the game to Lidge who, once again, was too cool for words.  And how about that offense?  Shane Victorino and Ryan Howard each went 3 for 5 today!  Super to see Ryan getting it done again and Shane has been like the little engine who could….the rest of the team should just hope on board this “Love Train” and ride it all the way to post-season!!!!


Off day tomorrow then on to Florida….oh please won’t someone pack me in your suitcase!?  I don’t think my Disco Time-Machine has a dial for “Miami.”  If it had, I’d be there already…believe me! J  Oh well!  Go Phillies!




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