Eaton Is On A Roll

Looks like we have a pitcher, Phillies fans!  Adam Eaton has arrived…finally!  Where exactly he has been hiding, no one knows.  But let’s all breath a collective SIGH of relief as it appears he IS actually able to pitch!  Yeah!!!!  Two good starts in a row, only one run given up today, and he looked great!  And looking back on many of his previous starts this year, you will see that a lot of his bad losses came because Charlie Manuel simply left him in the game too long and he hung himself.  P2251907 cr.jpgCharlie is getting better at pulling guys when he should, like he did last night with Kendrick, and letting our bullpen do their job.  The more wins these starters can add on to their records, the more confidence they will have and that can only mean good things going forward for the team.


As for our offense, a little disappointing I have to say.  Jimmy Rollins
 kept getting on base and stealing bags, but no one else seemed to be producing much, besides the huge homer by Burrell.  A lot of men left on base again, a lot of missed opportunities again, but they still pulled it out in the end.  Brad Lidge had his most uncomfortable appearance of the year, but still worked his way through it.  And like I said yesterday, a win is win!


I am always keeping watch on the NL East, hoping some other teams can help out the Phillies…The Mets lost badly to the Giants last night and will face them again this evening, sending Pedro Martinez to the mound who has been out for some time now.  Frankly , I don’t think Pedro will be same guy after
rowand.jpgall the injuries and family issues he’s been dealing with.  So, let’s all root again for Aaron Rowand!  Did anyone see the Player’s Poll in the May 26th issue of Sport Illustrated?  Check out the graphic to the right…it is a poll of 495 MLB Players about who the toughest player in baseball is and Rowand got top billing!  Quite an honor considering this is voted on by his peers.  Let’s hope he and the Giants pound the crap out of the Mets again tonight!


I’ll be at the game tomorrow, hoping for good weather and also for a lack of historical homers (unless the score is 15-0 in favor of the Phillies) J  Have a good night everyone!  Go Phillies!


UPDATE:  Well, the Giants lost to the Mets, 9-6…blah!  Pedro did not pitch super well, giving up 3 walks and 3 earned runs in 6 innings, but Barry Zito totally trumped that performance with 5 walks and 5 earned runs in only 4.1 innings, getting torn up again this year.  The Braves beat the Fish again and so the Phillies are 2.5 games ahead in first place!  Atlanta is 3.5 games back, the Mets are 4.5 games back and the Nats are in the basement at 10.5.



  1. marlinsin6

    You gotta love Rowand. He has the respect of any fan who likes to see the game the way it is played. He gives max effort all the time and is a great hitter. Enjoy the game, hopefully the rain holds out.

  2. philliesredpinstripes

    Looks like it will. I’m looking out the window and it looks like the sun is coming out.

  3. phillies_phollowers

    Yeah, I love Aaron…miss him awful! I cried for months when he signed with SF. Frankly, I am still not quite over it…maybe that’s where all the rain came from last night :o) Hee! Well, it did stop long enough for the game to get in, but that was not a good thing as we lost…wah! Oh well! Today is another day… :o)

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