Hugs, Homers and First Place Happiness

The Phillies take 2 of 3 from the Marlins with today’s win, putting them into first place in the NL East.  It was an emotional game all around, beginning right from the very first inning with Chase Utley stealing second base and Ryan Howard smacking a line drive up the middle to send Chase home, scoring the first run of the game.  So emotional, in fact, that Brett Myers and Eric Bruntlett simply could not contain themselves.  As the cameras panned into the dugout to capture the high fives and celebrations, you could see the sweet and adorable, full-out hug session between Myers & Bruntlett. 
Myers hug.jpg
And TJ Bohn, who has not spent much time up with the team, looks a tad perplexed, but give him time; he will catch on to the love fest with this group of guys!  And didn’t I call this?  Yes I did…let’s go back to my 5/15/08 blog, Brett Myers Need A Hug.  Quite obviously, I called that one right.  He’s now a happy, huggin’ guy who’s back to pitching like he should be…you go Brett!  Real men give hugs

But back to today’s game…Moyer had the one bad inning, but after that, he really got the job done and gave these guys a chance to win.  And that chance was jump-started by Geoff Jenkins, P4137391 cr.jpgput in to pinch hit for Taguchi in the 6th inning.  Down by 2 runs, Jenkins comes in and nails a 2 run homer out to right field.  I give it a HUGE thumbs up!  Pat Burrell gives it the finishing touch later in the 8th with the 2 run double.  Then, we all give thanks to Jimmy Rollins for coaching Tom Gordon through the bottom of the 8th.  It was starting to look like Gordon may self-destruct until J-Roll went out to the mound and had a heart to heart with him.  Next thing you know, Gordon is on fire!  I guess Jimmy may have a career after playing in either coaching or psychiatry J

As for the loss yesterday, all I can say is, what is up with Cole Hamels?  This was his second bad start in a row and, with his injury history, I am getting concerned.  Is he hurt?  Well, I’m not sure what is up, but I am pretty sure he may have just blown any shot at the All-Star game at this point.  Looks like Brad Lidge may be our only pitching hope, and the way he is going, he is a shoe in!  He racked up another save tonight and once again, made it look easy.

So, on to the Reds and let’s see if we can avoid #600 for Ken Griffey Jr.  I do hope he hits it…just not at Citizen’s Bank Park J  Go Phillies!



  1. philliesredpinstripes

    I’m with you about Junior getting no. 600 at another venue. As for Cole, I don’t think it’s injury related. I think it’s location, location, location. He’s throwing it close enough for them to nail it. Hopefully he’ll quickly figure it out and stop it before it gets real bad. Else, he’s going to be Junior’s 600th home run victim.

  2. marlinsin6

    For heaven’s sake, would you put that voodoo doll away? lol…..good job by your team this weekend. I didn’t realize how scary your lineup actually was until I watched them for 3 days in a row. Long way to go yet, and I look forward to a few more matchups against the Phillies. Like they say, to be the best you have to beat the best. Let’s see what happens next week.

  3. phillies_phollowers

    Yeah, I’ll be there on Wednesday…hoping for like a 15 run lead…then I’d be ok with it 🙂 Got the camera ready!

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