Phillies Sweep The Rox & Eaton Gets A Win!

Last night marked the first 3 game sweep of the year for the Phillies, making it a 5 game total season sweep of the Rockies, who we should not have to play again all year, unless by some strange miracle, they make the post-season.  Not likely at this point.  And finally Adam Eaton can exhale a huge sigh of relief and swat that monkey off his back!  The big “W” eludes him no more!  He has pitched rather well in his last 3 outings and really deserved to get a win.
P3014487 monkey cr.jpg 

In fact, it is almost scary to think that we now have more to worry about with Brett Myers than we do with Adam Eaton… Eeek!  There is a frightening thought.  My mind simply can’t handle that one right now…  Brett is scheduled for tomorrow night’s start against the first place Marlins, which is the Phillies big chance to take the lead and they NEED him to pull this one out.  He has got to get his head screwed on straight and come out pitching like he is capable of.  Whatever has been holding him back, I sure hope he’s got it taken care of.

And for your reading fun today, check out File0263 cr.jpgMen’s Fitness Magazine Top 25 Fittest Men In America…Chase Utley made the list (#18, if I am to go by the order which they are listed on the web site)!  According to the Phillies site, JC Romero was a tad disappointed on being left off the list.  His reaction was, “We’re pitchers, and they don’t realize what you got under the Major League uniform,” he said. “It’s no big deal. I’ll live. I’m No. 1 on my wife’s list at home.”  Awwww.  How cute is that?  Well, I still love JC too…and if he ever wants to show us all what is under the uniform, we’ll be happy to check it out J



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  1. philliesredpinstripes

    Yeah, it’s about time he got the monkey off his back. They mentioned during the post game show why he got the win. He got aggressive in his last few starts and went after the hitters. None of the let’s see if I can paint the corner crap. Just good old fashion, here’s my pitch, take you best shot. They also mentioned that it was the first time the Phils have swept the Rockies since they entered the league in ’93. To quote Harry the K, “Hard to believe, eh, Whitey?”

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