Rox Get Another Beating & Utley Discloses Hair Secrets

Pounding the Rockies into the ground for the second straight game, the Phillies come out with a 7 to 4 win, standing in second place in the NL East.  The Mets beat the Marlins for us, and both Atlanta and the Nats lost their games, giving the Phillies a boost in the standings.  One more against the suffering Rockies and then we get our shot at taking down the first place Fish!

Kendrick pitched well last night and improved over his last start, going 7.1 innings with 2 earned runs given up and 5 strikeouts.  Having a 7 run lead helped his confidence, I’m sure, but whatever works, we’ll take it.  He needs more performances like this one.  Tom Gordon made everyone a bit queasy as he took over in the 8th inning and barely made it out in one piece.  J-Roll saved his hide with a diving grab to get out of the inning and send it over to Lidge after a rain delay.

As for Brad Lidge…oh my!   Turns out, he is not a robot after all.  He actually surrendered a run!  Gasp!  Be still my beating heart….how dare he!  I am shocked.  Well, I suppose if he absolutely HAD to do it, he may as well have chosen this game while cushioned with a giant lead.  Damn that Todd Helton and his ridiculous “I am pretending to be a grown man” facial hair!  Don’t be messing with my boy’s ERA like that!  Your team sucks this year; now just put your head down like a good puppy and pout.  None of this 9th inning heroic crap…geez!

Speaking of hair, did anyone see the “4 Questions” segment with Chase Utley on Daily News Live on Comcast SportsNet before the game last night?  One of the questions Michael Barkann asks him is why he never has hat head.  Michael goes so far as to refer to Chase’s hair as “…a perfect, big, flowing, bushy head of hair…” at all times.  Now, I have made MANY comments on Chase’s hair at games and I can tell you, it is neither “flowing”, nor “bushy.”  In fact, it is always wet and slimy looking!  He constantly has it slicked back with, what I always assumed to be, some kind of super powered gel.  And for what reason I also assumed, would be to keep it out of his face.  Well folks, we now have the answer!  It is in fact, and I quote Chase directly, “gel, super gel…LA Looks.”  And here is a nice photo that I took to demonstrate the wet and slimy “super gel” effect:

P2272766 gel cr.jpg

Now, after games, he looks great.  Perhaps less gel or less sweat blended with the gel?  Not real sure what is going on there.  Well, I have more interesting information to report on the “4 Questions” segment, but I am saving that for later :o)  That’s all for now!  Hoping for a sweep of the Rockies…Go Phillies!

UPDATE:  This just in!  Chase Utley is in the lead in the early vote count for All-Star Voting with 537,788 votes!  Yeah!  So, fun story for you…during the LONG, horrible like 3-hour rain delay of the 5/18 game, and, sad, sad loss to the Blue Jays, I spent the entire length of both rain delays sitting in the Diamond Club punching All-Star ballots.  Yes, people starred at me like I was nuts as the hanging chards began to pile up, but I was not deterred!  I was determined!  Determined to get my Phillies to the All-Star game and determined to find SOMETHING to do to kill the boredom!  Ah, rain delays are fun J  Why did no one else think of this?  Well, I filled out at least 100 of those suckers…I even devised a way to pile several of them together, line them up and punch them up with a pencil all together to get  more done at one time.  I was so proud, I photographed my messy table (see photo to left).

The child next to me stared strangely as he painted his “Paint A Phanatic” doll and I believe his mother tried to explain to him that I was some sort of “special-ed” case… *sigh!*  Have they no sense of humor?!  Well, Mr. Utley can thank me later.  J  Keep voting everyone!  Let’s see if we can get a few more guys in there too!



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