Road Wins & Magic Toys

Heading home with a winning road trip, the Phillies gave a spanking to the Astros today, taking the final game of the series 15 to 6.  Cole Hamels did not have a great outing giving up 6 runs in only 4 innings, but if he was going to have an off day, I guess today was the day to do it.  That awful knock on the head that home plate umpire Jerry Crawford took, which caused a lengthy delay, really seemed to shake Cole up and he never recovered.  Jerry will be fine it seems, which is great news!  He is a local Philly guy and has been umpiring for MLB since 1977, as did his father before him.

Nice to see our offense back, especially after the extended slumber of the last 2 games.  Utley, Burrell and Jenkins all homered and Greg Dobbs, the pinch hit machine, got another one today with a triple!  As a team, the Phillies also had 5 doubles and 6 players had a multi-hit game.  Now they just need to carry that momentum into the home stand!

By request, the voodoo has been done to the Mets!  Here is J-Roll Smurf having his way with Mr. Met voodoo doll, while Chase “Pooky” Bear, totally stylin’ in his Phanatic slippers, uses his glove to assist in holding Mr. Met down for the beating: 
P5250748 cr.jpg

In the course of this entertaining experiment, I have discovered several things:  #1 – Voodoo dolls are both fun and therapeutic.  #2 – Phillies fans have the BEST sense of humor…seriously, you guys are AWESOME!  #3 – I own far too many stuffed toys.

The Mets did lose today!  Yeah!!  But the Marlins have gone back to winning, so I guess I need to get back to work on beating up my Fish voodoo doll…  So, I will excuse myself for now…apparently, I have work to do :o)  Go Phillies!


One comment

  1. philliesredpinstripes

    Hhhhm, seems like Jimmy Smurf needs to do some fish booping while hitting on Mr. Met. 🙂 Don’t forget the Braves. Need something for when they’re at home. They seems to bring along their own voodoo while on the roads. 😉

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