The Big “W” Still Eludes Eaton

I am still recovering from the stomach ache that I was left with after last night’s game.  Yuck.  First off, Adam Eaton was pitching.  That alone is enough to make you want to hide under the covers and down a bottle of Tums.  Then, this offensive for the Phillies which has exploded in the last 2 games decided to take a vacation until the 9th inning, which turned out to be too little too late.  I feel hung over and I didn’t even have a drink.  That is SO not fair!

I guess my Marlins voodoo doll worked though…they FINALLY lost a game!  However, I may have hexed the entire NL East…we all lost last night EXCEPT for the Nationals!  Go figure…  But to make up for it, Billy Wagner did blow his second save of the season for the Mets, which does make me all warm and fuzzy inside :o)  It has been requested that I make a Mets voodoo doll as well, so I will be working on that this weekend.  The wheels are turning…hmmmm…can you smell the smoke?  So, I’ll keep you posted…

As for Mr. Eaton last night, I do feel a bit sorry for him.  He actually pitched rather well and was just let down by the rest of the team, who could not put anything together against Brandon Backe.  They just kept swinging at pitches in the dirt!  It was like a golf outing…very strange.  They had that huge rally right at the end against Valverde, whose face Feliz nearly smashed in with a line drive.  But even with this guy pitching with a partial concussion, they still could not score enough runs to even tie the game up.  And it was especially disappointing to see Victorino and Howard go down so easily in that situation when both have seemed to be really hitting much better of late and everyone was really expecting them to be able to come through there.  Howard at least could have taken a pitch.

P4208339 cr.jpg

Maybe someday Adam will get a win…  For now, he has at least earned another shot at it.  Here’s hoping the offensive will show up for him the next time.  Go Phillies!



  1. philliesredpinstripes

    I really feel sorry for Adam. He seems to be this season’s version of Randy Lerch, i.e., he pitches good, fro the most part, but the offense decides to take a leave of absense. Oh, and that’s a private term I use for whomever the Phillies offense decides not to help one of their pitchers during the season.

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