NL East Voodoo

In answer to my own question yesterday, Ryan Howard is back!  Yeah!  I am so happy to see smiling Ryan again :o)  The sad pooh-pooh face was just no fun at all.  He hit another homer in Houston last night and went 3 for 5 with a total of 2 RBI’s, finally smashing through the Mendoza line!  Now batting .207, Howard can relax a little and hopefully get that average up into a respectable area.

Are you all wondering what the voodoo is all about?  Don’t worry…we are getting to that…read on though, I have more to cover first.  Solid offensive output all around last night.  Most everyone pitched in, but they still left a lot of men on base.  As for the pitching, Kendrick is obviously still on a learning curve here…he’s making me nervous!  Not a bad performance, but kind of shaky with his location being off a lot at times.  It will be interesting to see how much he learns from his mistakes from start to start this year.  But as usual, great job by the pen and nice to see Lidge have a happy return to Houston!

I am so sick of the Marlins winning!  Can this team just go away already?  So, I have made my very own Florida Marlins voodoo doll.  I am using my J-Roll Smurf stuffie doll to beat him up with:

P5230738 cr.jpg

I think we should all make one.  I was going to make a Mets voodoo doll too, but then I realized, they already have one of their very own…he is called “Billy Wagner and His Huge Team Morale Smashing Mouth.”  We should put one of those in every opposing clubhouse :o)  They just dropped 4 straight to the Atlanta Braves!  Johan Santana, the gazillion dollar man, or whatever they pay him, gave up 13 hits, 3 earned runs and only 1 strike out in 7 innings!  Wonder what Mr. Wagner had to say about that?  Probably something with like 20 cuss words in it and his finger pointed at every one on the team sucking except for him…  What a team player…gotta love him!

So, then I was going to make a Braves voodoo doll…but, my Uncle is a Braves fan, and also a minister and so I thought perhaps I might be struck down by a bolt of lightning if I tried it!.  Soooooooo…hey, can someone else do it for me?  Shhhhh…don’t tell!  As for the Nationals, why waste my time, really?  Talk to me when they get hot…(and as I say that, I am silently hoping I did not jinx it…)



  1. phillies_phollowers

    The fish fry is an awesome idea! You gotta do it! Yeah, I am gonna work on the Mets doll too…glad you liked the idea :O)

  2. philliesredpinstripes

    Well, the Nationals won last night. Guess you’ll have to make a doll for them after all. 🙂 I kid, I kid.
    As for the Marlins, you are not the only one wishing they would go away already. Gee, is it me, or do they always act like this every few years after a fire sale?!?
    On Kendrick, I think his problem is he’s trying to be like Hamels. Sorry, Kyle, but you are not a strikeout pitcher. You are a groundball pitcher. Stay in your comfort zone and let you fielders do the rest. You’ll last in the bigs longer.
    Lastly, on the doll, now that’s cute.

  3. marlinsin6

    Although I am a Marlins fan, I can appreciate the voodoo doll. It is very funny. I think it may have worked though, because our solid bullpen blew 2 saves last night against the Mets! Please put that thing away for our big series this weekend! It’s OK though. Myers is 5-7 with a 5.01 ERA against the Fish in his career, so he might be just what the witchdoctor ordered. I enjoy your blog very much. If your intrested on a take of the Marlins now and again, check out:

  4. marlinsin6

    Thanks for the post. I feel sorry for you if you are stuck around NASCAR fans. Egad! I couldn’t imagine a worse spot to be in (except maybe surrounded by Braves fans) I’m sure this weekend series will be entertaining, so long as your team doesn’t put up 2 touchdowns every game 😛 Enjoy it!

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