Dobbs Saves The Day For Slacking Offense

The Phillies managed to squeak out a win thanks to the pitching of Cole Hamels and another clutch pinch hit by Greg Dobbs, Mr. Automatic!  Continuing my conversation from yesterday and to follow-up on the comments on that blog (thanks for the feedback!), Dobbs seems to be the only one on the team in tune with the concept of playing small ball to score runs.  And so, the team has only scored 1 run in two games.  In an interview after the game, Dobbs pointed out that his “goal” when stepping up to the plate was to get the ball out of the infield and in the air, in order to score the run.  In other words, he was trying for a sac-fly.  So, he had an actual plan?  Wow.  You mean he actually THOUGHT about what he was going to do before stepping up to the plate?  This must be quite a concept for some guys on this team… :o)

Or, at least it sure seems that way, the way they have been hitting lately.  Some guys look like cavemen up there.  They lumber up to the plate, all hunched over, like, “GRRRRR!  Me have bat!  Me hit ball hard!  GRRRRR!”  And then without a thought in their heads of the game situation, they just start swinging for the fences at any old junk!  It’s like they step out of the dugout and sit their brains aside onto the bench.  As if to say, “Hmmm, I don’t really need this right now…”  News flash!… Brain:  That fluffy grey matter floating around in your skull that supposedly controls all human function.  (Try Wikipedia if you require something more specific.)  Therefore, yes, you really should try using it!  Incidentally, has anyone noticed that Jimmy Rollins has recently changed his batting introduction music to the Geico Caveman theme song (“Remind Me” by Royksopp)?  Coincidence?  :o)

Ok, so now that Greg Dobbs, my personal hero and most handsome man alive (sorry, could not help myself) has shown them all the way, perhaps they can all learn to walk upright?  Oh, I mean, learn to play small ball?  Seriously, we do not ever want to risk coming this close to blowing a game pitched SO well by a guy like Cole EVER again!  It is still sad we could not even get him a win out of it, but at least we didn’t lose the game.  So, let’s go guys!  And for the last time Charlie, give Greg more playing time!  Geez!  I feel like a broken record over here…oh well!  Let’s see if we can close this series out with a win :o)

P3035341 club cr.jpg

Do you think Pat is going to beat Greg over the head with his giant caveman club if he doesn’t go with him to his cave as instructed?




  1. philliesredpinstripes

    You’re welcome on the fedback. But, as you saw last night, it seems the cavemen took exception to being shown up by Greg and came out to play. I have no idea whether that’s good or bad. I guess we’ll find out tonight through Sunday in Houston.

    As for your second paragraph. ROTFLMAO!!!

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