Phils Help Nats Turn Cheap Champagne Into Dom Pérignon

Every time the Phillies face Tim Redding, they take a very average pitcher and make him look like a Cy Young Award winner.  Now Tim, have some manners and say thank you to the nice Phillies offense for doing you such a favor.  Not to underscore the man’s ability or anything; he is good, but he is not THAT good.  The Phillies have simply lost their ability to play small ball.  With everyone stepping up to the plate trying to hit one out of the park, your odds of getting on base steadily decrease, thus adding to the surmounting numbers of men left on base for this team.  Last night, Geoff Jenkins managed to get a lead-off double twice, but no one could manage to get him over and get him in.  They were too busy looking for the easy way out and Redding capitalized on the mistakes.

Brett Myers rebounded well last night after his last messy outing and gave up only 3 runs, which for this offense, should be acceptable.  He had some trouble spots, but pitched his way out of them and did not lose his cool.  This is a really good sign for Brett and I really do hope he was pleased with his overall performance.  It is just a shame that rest of the team could do nothing to help him out.  Utley had 2 hits and VIctorino, probably still wondering about his job status, squeaked out 2 as well.  Then, besides the 2 Jenkins doubles and a Ruiz single, the bats were very quiet.

Has anyone ever noticed Geoff Jenkins’ strange base running technique?  I really would like to know where he picked this one up and why.  Take a look at the photos of him taking a lead off of base.  He looks like a cat begging for treats!

Jenkins kitty cr.jpg

And thus, I have dubbed him Geoff “Kitty Cat” Jenkins.  I have seen guys do all kinds of strange things when taking a lead off the bag, but this one is really odd.  What in the world is he doing with his hands?  And the little hop steps he takes back and forth to the base make it even cuter!  Well, there is your comedic observation for the day at any rate.  Let’s hope for a better game tonight with Cole Hamels on the mound!


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  1. philliesredpinstripes

    After reading your post, I think you might have hit one of the Phillies’ major offensive problem. They are not playing small ball, as in moving guys over, taking their time at the plate until they get a pitch they like and not the pitcher’s slop, and trying to hitting sacrifice flies when they have a runner on third with less than two outs. I’m wondering if they were reminded of this during spring trainer and either ignored it, or let it go in on ear and out the other. No idea, but someone on the coaching staff need to remind these guys and fast, before they leave even more men on base.

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