Jays Fly Away With 2 of 3

So I sat through both rain delays and was one of the last fans standing last night to see the Phillies go down the drain in a sad, sad way.  On the way home while stopping to get a drink, I ran into an 8 year old girl, wearing her Chase Utley t-shirt, with her grandmother who had also just come from the game.  She looked up at me and said, “I sat through all that for nothing!”  As I giggled at her sad little expression, her grandmother quickly corrected her by saying, “Now, it wasn’t for nothing, we went to see the game.”  The girl, focused still on me, quipped back with (referring to Bruntlett’s game ending final at-bat), “And did you see that man swing at that pitch WAY over his head? Geez!”  Kids.  You gotta love ’em.

Really though, what kind of result can this team expect when they leave the bases loaded twice with a total of 11 men left on base for the night?  They had opportunities and just did not take advantage of them.  In the meantime, Florida just can’t seem to lose and the Mets slaughtered the Yankees yesterday.  And we are headed for DC where, although we should beat up on this team, we just never seem to.  Is it just me, or is this becoming way too stressful to think about?

Speaking of stressful, try having a line drive foul ball come screaming right over your head when you are like the only person left sitting in your section.  So, there I am, behind home plate, slightly to the third base side so I am just beyond the netting, 14th row, taking a picture of Greg Dobbs’ final at bat in the 8th inning….I snap the photo as he swings and hear the crack of the bat at the same time.  Somehow I just knew it was headed right for me:

P5181029 cr.jpg

Yup, this foul ball that looks like it is headed right for my camera, really IS headed right for my camera.  So, I ducked, it flew past my head and the guy sitting diagonally behind me in the next section caught it.  I have caught enough balls to know that I never attempt it while taking pictures…I just get out of the way.  There is not enough time to get the camera out of the way AND catch the ball safely.  I am not that desperate.   And this one was a bit scary…you can’t really tell when looking through the lens where the ball is going, so it is always best to duck.  Baseball Photography 101 … trust me.

So, watching from the relative safety of my living room tonight, let’s see how the Phillies will fare in DC.  Will Brett Myers rebound after his last outing?  I sure hope someone gave him a big hug for me like I asked :o)  This bullpen really needs a rest you know.  So hey, don’t knock it ’till you’ve tried it :o)  Go Phillies!


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