Barajas Barrage of Homers Kills Phils

Rod Barajas returns to Philly, and in very uncharacteristic fashion, whacks a grand slam and a solo homer, scoring 5 of the 6 runs for the Blue Jays last night.  With Ryan Howard still slumping and Utley and Burrell both coming up empty, the Phillies could only muster up 3 runs, which was not enough to catch Barajas and the Jays who flew away with the win.  So hey Rod, where was all this power last year when you were with the Phillies?  Here is a shot from last year of Rod saying hi to me.  Or is he waving bye-bye to the balls he smacked out the park last night?

Barajas cr.jpg

Jayson Werth did get his start last night at center and Jenkins in right  as I had predicted.  Overall, I thought that worked very well.  Werth did not get a hit (0-2) but worked 2 walks, which to me is as good as 2 hits, stole a base and had an outfield assist.  He looked very comfortable in the line-up and his base running is excellent.  Jenkins went 1-3, which is about what you expect from him and did a good job in the field. 

Another guy you hear me talk about a lot needing more playing time is Greg Dobbs, so I was thrilled to see him in the line-up too.  I have said many times I think Manual should be platooning him and Feliz.  Greg is a third baseman originally and is very comfortable there (see my interview with Greg on the Phillies Baseball 101 Video page where he talks about this).  Not to mention, he is a much better hitter than Feliz.  Last night, Greg went 2 for 4 with an RBI and a run scored.  So Charlie, let the man play!  Now, I still love Pedro, but give Greg some time too!  He’s got quite a luxury with so many great players on this team…may as well use them!

Going to the game this afternoon and hoping it is not a total wash out.  The weather does not look promising.  Yuck!  Wish me luck! :o)  Go Phillies!


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